Everyone’s Sky – Game Jam Build

Everyone’s Sky, an Asteroids-esque space shooter made for the JS13K competition, sees you roaming around space, taking calls from planets, making friends, making enemies and doing odd jobs.

In Everyone’s Sky you fly around space, shooting meteors to collect resources and contacting planets. Some planets are already enemies, while others are friends. You can choose to ignore messages or take them if you … Read More

Silver Night’s Crusaders – Alpha Demo

Silver Night’s Crusaders is a beautifully animated side-scrolling arcade hack n’ slash Castlevania fan game that sees three unique protagonists attempting to conquer Dracula’s castle.

Created in OpenBOR, Silver Night’s Crusaders allows you to choose from a selection of three characters (Ethan Graymont, Francis Bloodrose and Sheeba Faulkner), then embark on a Castlevania based monster-slaying arcade romp. Each character has their own unique weapons and … Read More

Atherspirit – Game Jam Build

Atherspirit, a clever little platformer made for the Ludum Dare 43, has you killing yourself so that your soul can enter other bodies and use their unique skills.

You are a little ghost – one without a body or purpose in this world. That is, until you start possessing the bodies of other creatures. One creature, of course, doesn’t have all of the skill … Read More

The StoryTale – Alpha Download

The StoryTale is a charming and challenging storybook platforming adventure with two very different playable characters and lots of fun spells that shake up the gameplay.

In The StoryTale you follow the adventure of an immortal Prince and a little Princess who knows a bunch of useless spells. The Prince is on a quest to save a kidnapped princess and the Princess is on a … Read More