Pause Screen From Battletoads/Double Dragon – Game Jam Build Download

Pause Screen From Battletoads/Double Dragon is a very inventive puzzle adventure game where you try to make your way through a glitchy arcade world created from an amalgamation of Golden Axe and Battletoads Vs Double Dragon.

It may look like an old school beat ‘em up, but really Pause Screen From Battletoads/Double Dragon is a very creative puzzle game set within a glitchy retro … Read More

The Wilhelm Contract – Alpha Download

The Wilhelm Contract is a creepy little retro styled first person horror game where you take on the role of an exorcist who uses mirrors to see ghosts lurking in the darkness.

In The Wilhelm Contract you are an exorcist who has been contracted to travel to a creepy old mansion and put to rest the rumors that it’s haunted by malevolent spirits (or put … Read More

Lazr – Alpha Demo

Lazr is a slick and stylish cyberpunk action platformer with challenging gameplay, high quality pixel art visuals and some very cool climbable cloth physics.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a few months ago when it was a single level tech demo, Lazr is a fast paced action platformer with a lot of verticality as you fight and climb your way through a dystopian … Read More

Karlson – Game Jam Build Download

Karlson is a delightfully silly and brutal 2D physics based shooter with ragdoll physics, dismemberment and Super Hot-style slow mo.

Created for the Mix and Game Jam 2019 by developer Dani, Karlson is a short and action packed little 2D physics based shooter that effectively allows you to become John Wick for ten minutes. In the game you control Karlson as he runs, slides, … Read More

Soviet Jump Game – Beta Download

Soviet Jump Game is essentially a 50 player battle royale game that’s played out in a glitchy Russian Super Mario Bros knock off.

Created by Thom Glunt, Soviet Jump Game is a battle royale game where players fight to be the last one standing in a 2D side-scrolling platformer world. At the start of each round players are teleported to different areas of one large … Read More