Starmancer – Kickstarter Demo

Starmancer is a fantastic looking new isometric space station sim that draws inspiration from Dwarf Fortress in which you take on the role of a human/AI hybrid that’s in charge of a damaged ark ship which contains some of the last living humans in the universe.

A cataclysmic disaster on Earth has forced humanity to initiate the Starmancer Initiative – sending what remains of the … Read More

Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade – Alpha Demo

Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade is a very stylish and infuriatingly tough pixel art run and gun arcade shooter that will test your combat skills and your sanity as you attempt to make your way through its rage inducing levels.

In Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade you control brave little soldiers as they run, gun and jump their way through a series of increasingly tough … Read More

Tape Escape – Game Jam Build Download

Tape Escape, a unique and challenging platformer made for the GM48: One Tool, Many Options has you using your trusty tape measure to fling and fly your way towards the top of a construction site.

In Tape Escape you are a construction site working who is never without their trusty industrial tape measure. Towards the middle of your day, you have made it all … Read More

Docking – Game Jam Build Download

Docking is a short but intense little game based on the docking scene from Interstellar, which sees you attempting to dock with a damaged space station that’s spinning out of control.

In Docking you control Matthew Mcconaughey’s spaceship from the Interstellar movie and attempt to recreate the scene where he docks with the Endurance space station as is spins helplessly out of control. To … Read More

SkateRide – Alpha Demo

SkateRide is a stylish and challenging skateboarding simulation that blends 2D character animation with a minimalist isometric game world.

SkateRide is played from an isometric viewpoint, similar to the GBA Tony Hawk’s games and allows you to freely skate around the map. There are objectives in the form of you attempting to land certain tricks while jumping across different gaps on the map, but this … Read More