Roulette Knight – Game Jam Build

Roulette Knight is a very addictive and very tense roguelike Russian Roulette RPG in which you collect loot, earn XP, unlock perks and explore a kingdom while avoiding shooting yourself to death.

In Roulette Knight you take control of a fearless knight who must survive a series of Russian Roulette matches as he traverses the kingdom. In each square of the kingdom map you have … Read More

Bombini – Game Jam Build

Bombini is a challenging little precision platforming adventure in which you have to carry a fragile bomb through each level without letting it come into contact with the walls.

In Bombini you take control of a cute little character who is carrying a big bomb. The bomb isn’t set on a timer, but it is very volatile and will explode if it comes into contact … Read More

Darkade – Game Jam Build

Darkade is a surreal horror puzzle game that sees you exploring beyond the bounds of an old Breakout arcade game and discovering some dark secrets.

To say too much about Darkade will ruin the experience, but needless to say there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface of this simple looking Breakout game. As you progress the actual Breakout gameplay takes a back seat … Read More