Wake of Poseidon – Alpha Demo

Wake of Poseidon is fast paced run n’ gun bullet hell twin-stick action platformer that sees you battling against the armies of Poseidon who has waged a war against the entire galaxy.

Playable in single player or local co-op, Wake of Poseidon sees you entering Poseidon’s realm, defeating his champions and putting a stop to his tyranny. The current Alpha demo build takes around 15 … Read More

Evan’s Remains – Beta Demo

Evan’s Remains is a beautifully animated and cleverly designed narrative-driven puzzle platforming adventure where you search a mysterious island for a boy genius who’s been missing for years.

In Evan’s Remains you take control of Dysis, a young girl who is sent to a supposedly uninhabited island in search of Evan – a boy genius who as been missing for years, but has recently sent … Read More

Hazelnut Bastille – Kickstarter Demo

Hazelnut Bastille is a Zelda inspired top-down action RPG adventure with puzzles, real-time combat and lots of secrets to discover as you explore its beautiful 16bit styled open world.

We actually covered an early build of Hazelnut Bastille last year and found it to be a very impressive Link to the Past-esque action RPG adventure. The latest build features an updated version of the … Read More

SNAILS – Alpha Demo

SNAILS is a thoroughly bizarre PS1 styled 3rd person horror beat ‘em up where you control a seven year old girl who fights a horde of mutant snails from outer space.

In SNAILS you take control of Dora Ditze, a seven year old girl who is bedridden with flu, when all of a sudden hordes of alien snails invade the neighborhood and eat the majority … Read More

DEADGAME – Alpha Demo

DEADGAME blends cool tunes and adrenaline-fuelled side-scrolling bullet hell arcade action as you blast swarms of robots across neon-filled cityscapes.

The gameplay in DEADGAME blends traditional Final Fight style side scrolling beat ‘em up movement with intense twin-stick bullet hell action. You control an agile little robot capable of shooting, dashing, momentarily slowing down time and using a powerful smartbomb-esque finishing move. There are no … Read More