Bat Boy – Beta Demo

Bat Boy is an 8-bit styled retro action platforming adventure where a high school kid with a talent for hitting things with a bat sets out to save his friends from an evil mastermind.

In Bat Boy you follow the adventure of Ryosuke, a talented baseball player whose friends have all been kidnapped by the evil Lord Vicious. It seems that Lord Vicious has brainwashed … Read More

The Tartarus Key – Beta Demo

The Tartarus Key is a retro styled narrative-driven horror adventure where you and a mysterious stranger attempt to solve puzzles and escape from a strange mansion you wake up in.

In The Tartarus Key you take on the role of Alex, a young woman who awakens to find herself locked up in a dusty study in a mysterious old mansion. It soon becomes apparent that … Read More


CONSCRIPT is a very intense retro survival horror adventure set in the trenches of Verdun during the First World War.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a little over a year ago, CONSCRIPT is a dark and gritty survival horror adventure that puts you in the shoes of a lone French soldier during the First World War. It draws inspiration from classic survival horror … Read More

Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue – Beta Demo

Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue is a beautifully animated 2.5D action platformer where you storm burning buildings (and other locations), fight fires and attempt to rescue any civilians who are trapped within them.

In Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue you take on the role of the titular Firegurl – a young rescue officer with a talent for fighting fires. This talent seems to have been … Read More

Fallen City Brawl – Alpha Demo

Fallen City Brawl is an old school Final Fight style side scrolling beat ‘em up where four strangers set out to clean up the streets of a corrupt city.

Drawing inspiration from 80’s/90’s classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, Fallen City Brawl is a retro arcade beat ‘em up set on the dangerous streets of Fallen City. The demo features two playable … Read More