Motherhome – Game Jam Build

Motherhome, a shooter made for the Global Game Jam, sees you traveling around a strange biological game world, collecting food to bring home.

You play a little blob that lives within a much bigger blob (your Motherhome). This Motherhome doesn’t move, but floats in space waiting for you to bring food to it. Your safe inside your Motherhome, but when you venture outside you … Read More

Sin Slayers: The First Sin – Kickstarter Demo

Sin Slayers: The First Sin is a stylish and easily accessible isometric dungeon crawling RPG with roguelike elements and JRPG style turn based combat.

In Sin Slayers: The First Sin you take control of a band of heroes as they explore, complete quests and fight their way through a Limbo-esque place that exists between worlds. The place is called The Valley of the Fallen Sinners, … Read More

Santa Monica By Night – Game Jam Build

Santa Monica By Night is a dark narrative driven point and click adventure set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, which follows a thin blood as he tries to track down a target for his vampire master.

Created for the Vampire Jam over seven days, Santa Monica By Night is a dark and atmospheric point and click adventure set in the Vampire: The … Read More

Super Co-op Adventure – Beta Download

Super Co-op Adventure is a quirky and surprisingly challenging co-op puzzle platformer where you help two uniquely skilled blocky characters make their way through a glitchy computer world.

Playable in single player or in local co-op, in Super Co-op Adventure you take control of two little characters named P1 and P2, who are trying to escape from the EmptyNet to a better life in the … Read More

Limbocore – Prototype Download

Limbocore is a wonderfully surreal and atmospheric little isometric pixel art adventure where you explore and escape from a surreal black and white Limbo.

In Limbocore you control a little bug-like character called Bug, who finds themselves dropped into a strange black and white Limbo world. You can explore, talk to the oddball characters that inhabit the world and once you want to try and … Read More