Trelet: The Land of Words – Game Jam Build Download

Trelet: The Land of Words features a clever fusion of 2D platforming and Scrabble-esque word games as you create words out of letters you collect to use them as platforms.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, Trelet: The Land of Words blends wordplay with platforming as you attempt to collect nine stars and make your way to the exit. Words are used as platforms in … Read More

OTHER: Her Loving Embrace – Kickstarter Demo

OTHER: Her Loving Embrace is a charming and creative RPG adventure that combines classic RPG gameplay with inventive puzzles and an innovative Undertale-esque real-time action platforming combat system.

In OTHER: Her Loving Embrace you follow the adventure of Gersholm, a gifted young boy who is investigating the source of the spirits that have been terrorizing his hometown. He’s accompanied by a masked man, known … Read More

Shrouded – Alpha Demo

Shrouded is a very freaky retro Lovecraftian survival horror adventure where a young woman unravels the dark secrets of a mysterious library that’s claimed the lives of 27 people.

In Shrouded you follow the story of Carmen, a young university student who is digging into the local history of her town. The local library would be the perfect place to carry out this research, if … Read More

West of Time – Student Game

West of Time is an inventive little systematic puzzler where you rearrange objects in a Wild West scene to complete objectives and cause bloodshed.

Created by Students at the Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia, West of Time sees you embodying the Raven Spirit – a malevolent trickster who creates discord by manipulating objects and time. In the game you are presented with a bar … Read More