Izel’s Observatory – Prototype Download

Izel’s Observatory is a challenging underwater 2D mermaid metroidvania action adventure where you unlock new abilities and brave treacherous cavern systems to escape your imprisonment.

In Izel’s Observatory you take on the role of Izel, a mermaid who loves studying the stars. Unfortunately she’s recently made some discoveries in the stars that threaten the power of the high priestesses that rule your society, causing you … Read More

Cyborg Ninja – Game Jam Build

Cyborg Ninja is a stylish Ninja Gaiden inspired 2D action platforming metroidvania adventure with challenging retro gameplay, unlockable abilities, lots of secrets and boss fights.

In Cyborg Ninja you control a lone Super Ninja Cyborg called Katana as he slices his way through a large open game world. As you explore you’ll discover secrets, fight a variety of deadly enemies, battle bosses and unlock new … Read More

Sugar Overkill Arena – Prototype Download

Sugar Overkill Arena is a fast paced 2D arena platform shooter that plays a little like Super Crate Box, but with a large selection of stackable power-ups.

In Sugar Overkill Arena you start in the arena with a basic gun which you use to blast enemies which spawn from randomly located portals. However, as you blast your way through the enemies some of them … Read More

Heroes Ravage – Alpha Sign Up

Heroes Ravage is a fun new 4v4 multiplayer game that plays like a blend of The Legend of Zelda and Rainbow Six Siege as four heroes attempt to ransack households while four villagers attempt to stop them.

We often think nothing of breaking into houses, smashing objects and stealing anything that’s not nailed down in RPGs, but what if the villagers fought back? Taking the … Read More

Hyper HD – Beta Demo

Hyper HD is a rage inducingly tough Mega Man inspired retro action platformer where you control a plucky little robot who must take down an evil robot army.

It’s the year 30XX and humanity has long since perished and been replaced by a robotic civilization. Unfortunately a malfunctioning robot has taken over your city and you must now defeat his eight powerful headroids and him … Read More