Bread & Fred – Beta Demo

Bread & Fred is a delightful physics-based co-op platformer where two little penguins that are attached by a small length of rope attempt to scale a mountain.

In Bread & Fred you take control of two rock climbing penguins who are attempting to scale a mountain. Each player takes control of a Bread or Fred and they swing each other through the game world. They … Read More

Starcatcher – Game Jam Build Download

Starcatcher is an inventive little gravity-bending puzzle platforming adventure that’s controlled with just one button.

Created for the 1-Button Jam 2022, Starcatcher is a clever little puzzle platformer where you control your character by holding X to walk forward and releasing X to jump. Crucially, your little spaceman won’t fall off edges if he walks across them – he’ll stick to the other side and … Read More

LOCUST USA (Reboot) – Beta Demo

LOCUST USA (Reboot) is a Break-Out/Pinball inspired retro styled narrative-driven arcade game where you knock around a ball and solve supernatural mysteries.

We previously featured a prototype of LOCUST USA on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, but since then developer hwilson has decided to reboot the game from the ground up, keeping the core mechanics, but removing random events and adding large multi-room levels. … Read More

Motordoom – Open Beta

Motördoom plays like a bizarre blend of DOOM and Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater as you ride a motorbike around skateparks and blast demonic monsters.

In Motördoom you’ll pedal and blast monsters in a freestyle-sports-shooter with roguelite elements. The game takes place in urban bike parks where you can cycle and pull off tricks on your motorbike, but there are also lots of demonic monsters to deal … Read More