Our Monsters – Alpha Download

Our Monsters is a short narrative based experience that explores the different forms that the many different “monsters” of depression take.

Although it afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide, there’s still a lot that goes misunderstood about depression and the different forms it takes. This is partly because people suffering from depression often feel uncomfortable talking about it. Our Monsters has been created to … Read More

BOMBASTIC – Beta Download

BOMBASTIC is a very well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you create chain reactions of explosions to clear all the orange blocks from each level.

Currently in development by NOWARE Games, BOMBASTIC is a puzzle platformer where you control a cute little orange bomb called Splodey who causes a small explosion each time he jumps. These explosions can be used to destroy orange blocks, … Read More

Rose of Starcross – Alpha Demo

Rose of Starcross is a beautiful narrative-based RPG adventure which sees you using a magical sword as you explore and discover the secrets of a world that is still recovering from a cataclysmic effect that almost wiped out humanity 300 years ago.

Drawing inspiration from the MOTHER, Zelda and the Mario RPG games, Rose of Starcross is a beautifully crafted RPG adventure set in a … Read More

I Told You This Was a Bad Idea – Game Jam Build

I Told You This Was a Bad Idea is an experimental little text adventure where you chat to a computer terminal to try and figure out your history.

You start I Told You This Was a Bad Idea with no idea who you are or where you are and must find the answers by chatting to the AI in a computer terminal. You chat with … Read More