Soda Powered Penguin – Beta Demo

Soda Powered Penguin is a fast and fun momentum-focused 2D platformer where a penguin strapped to a soda bottle zooms around vast levels packed with challenging obstacles and secrets.

Penguins may not be the most mobile of creatures on the land, but thanks to the latest in soda bottle technology you’ll be able to dash, double jump and smash your way through levels as fast … Read More

Wizordum – Downloadable Game

Wizordum is a retro styled FPS adventure that feels like a wholesome take on the classic 90’s Hexen style fantasy shooters.

Drawing inspiration from Hexen, Heretic and Catacomb Abyss, Wizordum is a magic-based retro FPS filled with secrets, traps and puzzles. In the game you take on the role of a cleric who has been sent to investigate a darkness that’s spreading across … Read More

Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab – Alpha Demo

Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab is an intense retro arcade styled on-rails shooter where you attempt to blast your way out of a zombie-filled city before it gets nuked!

Following on from the events in Biocrisis, in Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab you have just escaped the lab that a zombie outbreak has occurred within and must now escape the city. While the original … Read More

Alder Choke – Beta Demo

Alder Choke is a very addictive and rage-inducingly tough boss rush action game set in a nightmarish forest filled with deadly monsters.

previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Alder Choke is a creepy and surreal boss rush action game that’s a bit like a blend of Titan Souls and Pang. In each level you have one boss to kill by shooting … Read More