Soviet Jump Game – Beta Download

Soviet Jump Game is essentially a 50 player battle royale game that’s played out in a glitchy Russian Super Mario Bros knock off.

Created by Thom Glunt, Soviet Jump Game is a battle royale game where players fight to be the last one standing in a 2D side-scrolling platformer world. At the start of each round players are teleported to different areas of one large … Read More

Blink Dagger Z – Alpha Download

Blink Dagger Z is a fun little fast paced puzzle action platformer where you can throw your dagger and then teleport to wherever it lands.

In Blink Dagger Z you control a little helmeted gladiator as he makes his way through a series of enemy and puzzle-filled levels. You’re equipped with a little dagger that you can hurl at enemies then pull out to kill … Read More

Myrtle Takes the City – Game Jam Build Download

Myrtle Takes the City is a delightful little PICO-8 powered puzzle platforming adventure where you complete miniquests and collect gems and coins in a big city.

Created for the Toy Box Jam 2019, Myrtle Takes the City is a charming little bite-sized 3D platforming adventure where you control a little round hero called Myrtle. Myrtle’s invincible, so there’s nothing to fear as you roam the … Read More

Blades and Fire – Alpha Download

Blades and Fire is a very stylish and challenging retro action platforming adventure where a sword-wielding metalhead hacks his way through the minions of Hell.

In Blades and Fire you take control of a teenage heavy metal fan who must hack his way through legions of undead monsters in a dark fantasy world. You do have a sword and you collect power-ups along the way, … Read More