Cursed to Golf – Beta Demo

Cursed to Golf is a golf-like 2D adventure where a cursed golfer attempts to golf his way out of purgatory after dying just before the end of a world record breaking round.

Based on the browser game of the same name, Cursed to Golf follows the adventure of a professional golfer who is struck by lighting and killed while about to sink a shot that … Read More

Wumple – Game Jam Build

Wumple is a fun puzzle game where you find yourself making your way through 14 different levels, with more monsters and challenges as time goes on. Each of the levels have a number of children in them, showcased by weird, static heads that do not move, as well as fruit that you can collect for more points. However, there are different monsters that move in … Read More

Back to the Dawn – Beta Demo

Back to the Dawn is an immersive pixel art RPG adventure where a wrongly convicted journalist fox attempts to escape from prison.

In Back to the Dawn you step into the shoes of a journalist who was poking his nose into some of the mayor’s shady dealings and ended up being framed for drug posession in return. You’re now locked up in the slammer where … Read More

Wild Dogs – Beta Demo

Wild Dogs is a fantastic Game Boy styled Contra inspired retro run ‘n gun shooter where a soldier and his faithful doggie set out to save the world from an alien invasion.

In Wild Dogs you follow the adventure of Major Frank “Pumpkinhead” Williams and his cute little doggie Teddy as they set out to thwart an alien invasion. The gameplay is much like ContraRead More