The Blob – Student Game Download

The Blob is a fun little plaftomging adventure where you control a sticky pink blob that consumes its enemies to maintain its body mass.

Created by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, The Blob is a fast paced pixel art platformer where you control a sentient slime attempting to escape a heavily guarded facility. Your blob can jump, stick to surfaces and climb walls … Read More

Due – Game Jam Build Download

Due is a creepy and atmospheric little retro styled first person climbing and platforming exploration game where you set out into a vast abyss to bring a sacrifice to the beings that supply your people’s life-giving water.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam by Rubeki (creator of Hollow Head and Kill the K.O.T.H.), Due starts with your people running low on … Read More

BIOMASS – Game Jam Build Download

BIOMASS is a challenging retro styled nonlinear action platforming adventure where your weapons and armor perform worse the more you use them as you attempt to help a clone escape a mutant biomass infected spaceship.

Created for the Cult of Jabrils Stay@Home Jam, BIOMASS is a very tough nonlinear action platformer set within a spaceship that’s been overrun by grotesque monsters formed from mutated biomass … Read More

There is No Light – Alpha Demo

There is No Light is a dark pixel art action adventure where you battle giant spiders, grotesque abominations and bloodthirsty demonic forces in a post-apocalyptic underground world that reacts to your actions.

In There is No Light you step into the shoes of a man who has the fate of the world in his hands – able to bring it to order or herald its … Read More