Arsenal Demon – Alpha Demo

Arsenal Demon is a super intense and fast paced first person shooter that plays like a blend of Quake and Devil Daggers as you attempt to survive for as long as possible against deadly swarms of robot angels.

In Arsenal Demon your goal is simply to survive for as long as possible in an arena that’s filled with increasingly challenging swarms of robotic “Angels”. You … Read More

ElecHead – Alpha Demo

ElecHead is a charming and creative little puzzle platformer where your character electrically charges any structure they touch.

In ElecHead you control a short circuiting robot called Elec, who electrically charges any object or structure they are in contact with. Sometimes this can be handy, such as activating lifts or forming platforms for you to stand on, but sometimes it can be a hindrance, such … Read More

The Vigilante Proclivities of The Longspur – Alpha Demo

The Vigilante Proclivities of The Longspur is a fun pixel art point and click adventure that puts you in the role of a Tony Stark-esque ultra rich tech genius who moonlights as a vigilante superhero.

Although the suit you wear is quite different, your character in The Vigilante Proclivities of The Longspur is essentially Tony Stark in all but name. You’re a rich genius who … Read More

Pixel Soldier – Alpha Demo

Pixel Soldier is a stylish and fast paced boss battling shooter where you can dash across the stage and cling to the sides as you blast your way through enemies.

In Pixel Soldier the whole world revolves around your little gun-toting blob shaped soldier as you slide, dash and blast your way through an assortment of enemies and bosses. It’s a fast paced arcade shooter, … Read More