Less Is More – Game Jam Build

Less Is More

Less is more is a fun low rez pixel art physics-based puzzler in which you must dispose of different coloured blocks, each with their own physical behaviour properties.

You start each level with the three different substances separated by barriers.  Your goal is to strategically remove a set amount of blocks from these separating barriers in order to get rid of as many coloured blocks … Read More

Slipstream – Pre-Alpha Demo

slipstream game

Slipstream is a fun OutRun-inspired retro pseudo3D checkpoint racer in which you race at high speeds across on a course with branching pathways across a variety of exotic locations.

We’ve covered a few fabulous retro racers on Alpha Beta Gamer recently (Drift Stage & Power Drive 2000), but Slipstream feels like the most authentic retro racer yet. Power Drive 2000 may be … Read More

Underground Hangovers – GameJam Build Download

underground hangovers

Underground Hangovers, a metroidvania mining platformer made for the Ludum Dare 30, has you trying to find your way back home after a drunken night in the mines.

You and your friends were apart of a mining company who was mining ores on another planet. The night before the launch, you guys decided to have a big party. The next morning, you woke up … Read More

One Dreamer – Alpha Demo

One Dreamer game

One Dreamer is a staggeringly beautiful pixel art adventure game inspired by The Last of Us and Catherine, in which you play a game developer called Frank as he enters states of lucid dreaming in search for inspiration.

With gameplay taking place in real life and Frank’s twisted dreamworld, One Dreamer offers a beautiful and surreal experience in which you constantly question what’s real … Read More

Souls in Stone – Game Jam Build

souls in stone

Souls in Stone, a charming mini-metroidvania puzzle platformer made for One Game a Month, has you exploring a beautifully animated pixel art cave system, unlocking skills and finding souls.

This game, inspired by developer Raiyumi, has you moving around blocks in a beautiful world to uncover souls. These souls will then give you new abilities, which enable you to get to areas you … Read More