Illuminascii – Alpha Download


Poppy the Austere Hobbit Security Guard‘ fought bravely, dispatching (among others) a professional dinosaur, a Demented Pool Cue and a Ruinous Mother-In-Law before falling foul to a Deformed Bishop on level 6. Rest in piece Poppy, you faught well!  No this isn’t the start of a mental break down, it’s just a normal play-through of the wonderfully bizarre ASCII-styled procedurally generated FPS Roguelike … Read More

Stray Cat Crossing – Alpha Demo

stray cat crossing

Stray Cat Crossing brings its’ own world to life through a strangely unique atmosphere that can only be described as cute and unsettling. In the demo, you’re immediately trapped in a mansion occupied by two extremely abstract characters whose expressions are literally two-faced.

The game plays like a dream (or nightmare) in a music box, filled with macabre artifacts and puzzles for you to solve. … Read More

Secrets of Grindea – Beta Demo

secrets of grindea
Secrets of Grindea is a wonderful SNES-era inspired top-down action RPG with co-op support for up to 4 players, full of retro charm, beautiful pixel art, tongue-in-cheek humor.

Secrets of Grindea features two main gameplay modes, ‘Arcade’ and ‘Story’.  ‘Arcade’ is a fun Roguelike-style mode where you build up your base by battling across randomly generated levels full of enemies and loot.  Meanwhile, the ‘Story’ … Read More

Mayan Death Robots – Alpha Download

Mayan Death Robots

Mayan Death Robots is wonderfully anarchic artillery game that pits massive alien robots against each other on fully destructible 2D environments.

The game plays a bit like the classic Worms, but with faster gameplay, where both players take their turn simultaneously.  Games are local multiplayer only at the moment, with players duking it out across nicely detailed destructible battlefields, full of nice little touches … Read More

Pixel Heroes – Beta Download

Pixel Heroes

Pixel Heroes is a charming side scrolling pixel art dungeon crawler/hero sim/rpg in which you take a team of heroes on an adventure full of random humor, random characters, randomly generated loot and randomly generated quests.

You start off in the local tavern, and must choose 3 adventurers from a randomly selected assortment of heroes, allowing for hundreds of different combinations and making each playthough … Read More