Omnibus – Alpha Demo


Omnibus is a chaotic driving game that puts you in control of unstoppable busses in a variety of bizarre scenarios – from guiding a giant firework through a field of pinball bumpers to skydiving through a skyscraper.

Featuring a charming Playstation 1 era graphical style and a wacky sense of humor, Omnibus is a fun game that revels in its chaos and destruction.  Your vehicle … Read More

CoinOp Story – Alpha Demo

CoinOP Story game

CoinOp Story is an amazing retro metroidvania (retroidvania?) from the genius that created There Is No Game, that sees you controlling sentient arcade cabinet in the dying world of Jamma, who must collect all the Jamma game cards from broken arcade cabinets and bring them to the ‘Castle of nostalgia’.

In the near future all the classic arcade cabinets of yesteryear have ended up … Read More

Disposable – Prototype Download


Disposable is a stylish platformer in which you play a small robot exploring a strange laboratory, using a very cool grapple/lash mechanic to get around and hacking terminals to open the exit door.

The terminals are scattered across the level in various hard to reach areas, luckily for you though your little robot is capable of some very nifty feats of agility.  As well as … Read More

Crazy Pixel Streaker – Alpha Demo

Crazy Pixel Streaker game

Crazy Pixel Streaker is a very silly roguelike beat em up in which you streak at various world championship sporting events in order to steal the trophies so that your alien abductors can win a bet.

Playable with up to four players simultaneously, you skydive into various sporting arenas, from boxing to football, gaining followers and beating up players, officials and deadly bosses.  The action … Read More

PackWar – Alpha Build


PackWar plays like a terrifying first person version of Pac Man, with you fleeing from four blood thirsty yellow monsters and defending yourself with semi-automatic weapons.

In PackWar Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are nowhere to be seen, instead deadly Pac Man-style monsters roam the corridors.  If one gets you in their sights while you’re gathering pills you’d better run, or grab a power … Read More