Circa Infinity – Beta Demo


Circa Infinity is a hypnotizing twitch platformer that sees you traversing trippy black and white levels made up of a multitude of recursive circles, with you flipping and jumping between them, while avoiding enemies.

It starts off fairly simply with you jumping between planes and deeper into the center of the concentric circles.  Things soon get a lot tougher though as more different types of … Read More

Theropods – Game Jam Build


Theropods is a charming pixel art point and click adventure where you play as a jungle woman surviving in a land of deadly dinosaurs.

You’ve been separated from your companion and must set out on a journey to save him.  It’s a fairly short game, lasting around five minutes, but features clever puzzle design, and excellent pixel art animation.  The story, animation, characters and settings … Read More

Spooky’s House of Jump Scares – Beta Download (Steam)

spookys house of jumpscares

How scary can a cutesy first person horror game with cardboard pop up ghosts and retro visuals be? Spooky’s House of Jump Scares proves that it can be very scary indeed! (especially those damn pop-up cardboard ghosts!)

Tasking you with surviving 1000 rooms of cute terror, Spooky’s House of Jump Scares starts of fairly sedately, with you walking through a procedurally generated dungeon with charming … Read More

Soldier Kingdom – Game Jam Build Download

soldier kingdom

Soldier Kingdom is a fun pixel art combat game with a big focus on permadeath – LOTS of permadeath.

Your overall aim is to traverse a battlefield and kill the rival King five times.  Each time you kill the King, enemies get a lot tougher, but you’ll also be able to find better armor and weaponry.  You start off with 25 lives, which may seem … Read More

Teddy Terror – Alpha Demo

teddy terror

Teddy Terror is a creepy 2D horror survival roguelike with a Binding of Isaac vibe, in which you use traps and toys to fend off ghoulish enemies and escape a nightmare world.

You play a little boy who is lost in a nightmare, with only his teddybear as company.  This world is a dangerous place, full of freaky abominations an monstrous bosses, but thankfully you … Read More