Rockrocket – GameJam Build Download


Rockrocket is a wonderfully atmospheric one-screen platformer full of secrets to discover, in which you must explore, collect and activate mysterious objects in order to escape a cave.

Made for Ludum 31, all the action takes place on a single screen, with a deceptively large amount to do, packed with seret passageways and items to collect or interact with.  You must start by collecting all … Read More

There Was A Caveman – Alpha Demo

there was a caveman

When you think caveman, you think dinosaurs. Typically, this is not necessarily a correct theory as the two entities were in different time periods. Who cares? There Was a Caveman puts players in the shoes (actually lack there of) of the last caveman.

He thinks it’s time to procreate (children avert your eyes), and sets out to find a cavewoman to survive his … Read More

Contact Cowboy – Game Jam Build

Contact Cowboy

Contact Cowboy is a two player local multiplayer game made for the Ludum Dare 31. This game puts each of the players into a role. One player is a gunman, a person who has a gun and 6 bullets. Their objective is to kill the knife man so that he is unable to complete his objectives without wasting too many bullets. The knife man must … Read More

Mecha Trigger – Student Project Download

mecha trigger game

Mecha Trigger is the worlds only first person typing mech game.   There’s a very good reason why this is the only one – it’s ridiculously hard to control – but that’s the whole point.

Although the striking visual style and spectacular explosions of Mecha Trigger will attract many, this is not for casual gamers – only the hardcore need apply.  Indeed it’ll take a bit … Read More

Zotrix – Alpha Demo


Zotrix is fast paced arcade shooter inspired by early shoot-em-ups of the 80’s and early 90’s, with a unique control scheme and tons of enemies with diverse attack partterns.

You’re tasked with carrying out missions, such as escorting cargo ships, from planet to planet – with you able to pick and choose your route.  Complete a mission and you’ll be rewarded hansomeley, with you able … Read More