Army Of Pixels – Beta Download

Army of Pixels

Army of Pixels is a charming and addictive blend of tower defense and strategy in which you purchase and place units then send them into battle, attempting to lay waste to your opponents units and towers and claim victory.

The lane based nature draws some favourable comparisons to Plants vs Zombies, but Army of Pixels is far more offence orientated.  You start each level … Read More

VRX.exe – Game Jam Build Download

VRXexe game

VRX.exe, a Binding of Isaac-esque endless dungeon crawler reminiscent made for the MiniLD #60, has you cleaning viruses off of people’s computers.

You and your dad own a computer repair business. One of your shop’s specialties is removing viruses from infected computers. Most of the computers that come in do have a virus removal program, it just needs a little bit of help. … Read More

.Age – Alpha Demo

Age game

.Age is a wonderful new blend of punishing roguelite and god sim in which you must help a small village survive and prosper through a variety of disasters and diseases.

Inspired by FTL and Agricola, it looks fairly simple, but with dangerous randomised events, permadeath and scarce resources to manage, .Age is deceptively tricky.  You play a village elder with clairvoyant powers, who must … Read More

Sorcerobe – Alpha Demo


Sorcerobe is a wonderful pixel art puzzle adventure in which you play a wizard’s robe on a quest to save it’s owner.

You may only be a robe, but you’re pretty handy at solving puzzles and kicking ass.  Each short level is a self contained puzzle, in which you must use your powers and handy boxes to make your way to the exit.  You start … Read More

The Big Red Button – Game Jam Build Download

the big red button

The Big Red Button is a short and silly game in which you must answer riddles and persuade a smart ass self-aware bomb (called Bob) not to blow up!

After rather stupidly pressing an ominous big red button, it’s up to you to undo your actions and diffuse a bomb.  Unfortunately for you it’s not going to be as simple as cutting some wires or … Read More