Sublevel Zero – Game Jam Build Download

sublevel zero

Sublevel Zero is a first person six-degree-of-freedom rogue-like shooter, that’s inspired by classic games like Descent and Forsaken, modernized with looting, crafting, procedural level generation, and an awesome 8-bit soundtrack.

The controls are smooth, you have a variety of weapons, the low-poly visuals are excellent and the 8-bit soundtrack is awesome.  There’s even Oculus Rift support if your brain can handle the 6DoF action.  … Read More

Darkside Detective – Beta Demo

darkside detective

Darkside Detective is a 2D pixel art point and click adventure where you play as a ‘Darkside’ detective, who takes on mysterious, unnatural or supernatural cases, that no other will tackle.

You play Detective Francis McQueen, the only member of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division.  Your wise cracking Detective must investigate crime scenes and investigate bizarre cases that nobody else will.

Darkside Detective has a … Read More

The Spooky Cave – Alpha Download

the spooky cave 1

The Spooky Cave is a fun new twin-stick dungeon crawling roguelike with great pixel art visuals, procedurally generated levels, fluid combat, and bucket loads of loot.

Best played with a controller (but still working well with a mouse), you use the left stick to control your character movement and the right stick to swing your weapon.  It’s a fun combat system that makes you feel … Read More

Antitheos – Game Jam Build


Antitheos is a godly 2D action platformer where your fortune really is in the luck of the draw.

You play as a time traveling space orc that got stuck in a time period where those who live in it are in need of a new god, so they made you their god to rule everyone!  Being worshiped as a god is no bad thing, but … Read More

Pyramid – Game Jam Build Download


Pyramid is an addictive clicker game, made for the God Jam It!, where you are an Egyptian God, working within a time limit, to build a 9 level pyramid.

In this unique clicker, you are a God who must ‘persuade’ his followers to build a giant pyramid in your honor. Even Gods have time restraints, as you must get this whole structure built in … Read More