Red Olympus – Alpha Download

Red Olympus is a stylish old school first person shooter with a cool retro CGA visual style, chiptune music and tough Doom-style FPS gameplay.

You play Barney, a pizza delivery man who has been ‘persuaded’ by a mysterious man called Mr. Incognito, to find and kill a Russian mob boss in the district of Red Olympus.  Needless to say, this won’t be a walk … Read More

The Sinking Feeling – GameJam Build Download

that singling feeling

The Sinking Feeling, a Music Video(game) Jam entry, is a different sort of game. The Music Video(game) Jam challenged developers to make a game that showcases a particular song. This game needed to highlight the music, end when the music did, and feel satisfying, all of which The Sinking Feeling has accomplished very well.

Using the song The Last Level, by Two Parent … Read More

Super Cell Dungeon – GameJam Build

Super Cell Dungeon

NES Jam entry Super Cell Dungeon does more than get your blood boiling. It’s chaotic, platform-hopping, skeleton-shooting from start to finish.

The goal is simple: kill enough enemies to get the key to open the door to the next level. Play as the archer or the mage, each with a different ability of course. The archer can double jump while the mage can float in … Read More

Jesus Christ, Our Lord, REBORN – GameJam Build Download

jesus christ our saviour reborn

Jesus Christ, Our Lord, REBORN is a short and wonderfully strange point n’ click adventure set in the year 2329, in which you play a member of a mysterious cult that still believes in Chrismas, who has traveled to an old toy factory in the north pole to make Jesus Christ reborn.

As you explore the strange old factory, it soon becomes apparent that you … Read More

Where They Once Were – GameJam Build Download

Where They Once Were

Where They Once Were, a stunning Ludum Dare 31 game, puts you in the position of a woman who has found a strange and abandoned cottage while trying to escape some pursuers.

You must now survive in this strangely empty cabin. This cabin is locked, but a key is hanging right by the door, so it seems as if anyone can just go right … Read More