BLAWK – Game Jam Build Download

BLAWK is a wonderfully inventive little puzzle platformer about dealing with creative block, where you move your character by moving the actual game window!

Created for the GitHub Game Off 2019, in BLAWK you help guide a little chick (called Blawk) to overcome the various obstacles that are giving him creative block. You don’t control your character by traditional means however, in fact you don’t … Read More

Riot Beat – Game Jam Build Download

Riot Beat is a challenging little retro styled platforming beat ‘em up where you battle various types of red stick men on the rooftops of a city.

In Riot Beat you control a little yellow stickman who has to fight his way through a series of challenging levels full of red stickman enemies. In each level you can only take six hits before you die … Read More

Boxthing – Game Jam Build

Boxthing features an inventive and rage-inducingly tough blend of point and click puzzling and action platforming as you attempt to figure out how to interact with each level and fight your way past the weird monsters in them.

In Boxthing you control a box with your mouse and a boxer with the WASD keys. You need to get the boxer to the exit of each … Read More

Pizza Tower: Peppino’s Xmas Break – Alpha Demo

Pizza Tower: Peppino’s Xmas Break is a special festive themed demo build of the upcoming Pizza Tower game, this time seeing your beautifully animated pizza delivery man sent on a missing by Santa – to destroy a Xmas Tower that’s sucking all of the holiday spirit out of the land!

If you’ve played any of the previous demo builds of Pizza Tower then you’ll know … Read More

The Driver Syndicate – Alpha Download

The Driver Syndicate is a very authentic feeling spiritual successor to the classic PS1 Driver games, complete with tail-happy car physics and epic police chases!

On PS1 there was really only one series to go to for full 3D car chases through an open world city – the Driver games. They saw you taking on the role of an undercover cop called Tannen and generally … Read More