Inferna – Game Jam Build

Inferna is a fun, fast paced and super tough open world arcade action game where you control a big ball of fire as it navigates a labyrinthine complex filled with baddies and bosses.

Created for the 8×8 game jam, Inferna puts you in control of a large ball of fire and tasks you with escaping a complex filled with deadly hazards and deadly enemies. You … Read More

Escape Pong! – Game Jam Build

Escape Pong! is a fun little narrative driven arcade adventure about a Pong ball who’s fed up of being bounced around by the paddles.

In Escape Pong! you control a little Pong ball who yearns for more than just being bounced about by a paddle all day. You aim in each level is to make it to the right hand side of the screen as … Read More

Fleshworms – Game Jam Build

Fleshworms is a stylish retro Sci-Fi point and click adventure where you attempt to escape from a crashed spaceship in a land filled with grotesque giant alien Fleshworms!

Fleshworms is the third installment of Malte Burup’s The Outer Zone dystopian Sci-Fi point and click adventures. As with the rest of The Outer Zone games, it’s a self contained adventure with no knowledge of the previous … Read More

Albion. – Game Jam Build

Albion. is an atmospheric PS1-era styled first person horror game where you explore a town that’s been overcome by a mysterious fleshy red goo.

In Albion. you find yourself alone in a town that’s been beset by a strange sentient red ooze. The more you explore, the more of it you find – under floors, behind walls, down dark passageways you’ll even see it moving … Read More