Sauna 2000 – Alpha Demo

Sauna 2000 is a wonderfully surreal PS1 styled Finnish sauna horror game where you try to prepare a sauna before you’re visited by an unwelcome guest at sunset.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot sauna, but you may not get much time to chill out in Sauna 2000, a surreal fusion of sauna simulation and horror with a touch of vaporwave. The … Read More

Fatum Betula – Alpha Demo

Fatum Betula is a surreal, spooky and trippy PS1 styled first person adventure where you explore a land between life and death, and alter it by placing different types of fluid in the water that feeds it.

Released as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk (a collection of PS1 styled horror game demos), Fatum Betula creepy first person adventure where your actions can have … Read More

GoldSpace – Beta Download

GoldSpace is a retro styled narrative-driven twin-stick Sci-Fi dungeon crawler where you fight your way through enemy-filled spaceships and steal their energy core, to allow your spaceship to fulfil its mission of finding a new home for the human race.

By the year 5072 humanity was on the brink of extinction after depleting all of the Earth’s natural resources. In a last desperate attempt to … Read More

Legbreaker – Game Jam Build Download

Legbreaker is a wonderfully twisted little puzzle platforming adventure where you are an unwilling test subject in an experiment where every time you jump you break a leg!

In Legbreaker you take on the role of a un unwilling, captive test subject who is carrying out a trial for a new serum which, when injected into your quadriceps, vastly boosts your muscle power and allows … Read More

Neon City Riders – Beta Demo

Neon City Riders is a stylish and beautifully animated 2D pixel art action adventure where you become a masked vigilante who must fight four super-powered gangs in a neon-filled post-cyberpunk city.

Successfully Kickstarted back in 2017 and now nearing a full release, Neon City Riders takes place on the dangerous streets of a post-cyberpunk city. You take on the role of Rick, a masked vigilante … Read More