Yet Another Zombie Survivors – Beta Sign Up

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is a Vampire Survivors style roguelite horde hell shooter where you command a small team of soldiers who fight their way through swarms of zombies.

The gameplay in Yet Another Zombie Survivors will be pretty similar to the likes of Vampire Survivors, with you commanding the movement of your characters as they blast zombies and earn upgrades. However, rather than … Read More

Empty Shell – Prologue Download

Empty Shell is a tense top-down Sci-Fi horror roguelite shooter where you fight your way through an abandoned research facility in Japan.

In Empty Shell you are an operative who has been sent to complete certain objectives inside a research facility that’s been abandoned for decades. There are minor puzzles to solve, but in general your main worry is the monsters and the fact that … Read More

Metroplex Zero – Beta Sign Up

Metroplex Zero is a neo-cyberpunk card combat game with roguelike and JRPG elements, where you assemble a team and battle evil Megacorporations.

Drawing inspiration from Shadowrun, Slay the Spire and Magic: The Gathering, Metroplex Zero is a card-based roguelite adventure set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Taking place in the year 2280, the world is now run by tyrannical megacorporations and you must assemble a … Read More

Turf Wars: A Snail Escape – Beta Demo

Turf Wars: A Snail Escape is a roguelike action game with a touch of Splatoon, where you cover arenas with your goop, allowing you to move faster and to attack.

In Turf Wars: A Snail Escape you take control of a little snail who battles their way through hordes of creepy crawlies as it attempts to escape a garden. The game has a lot … Read More