Goblin Stone – Beta Demo

Goblin Stone is a charming hand-drawn turn-based RPG adventure that lets you see things from the other side of the sword, as your motley band of goblins make their way through a world filled with bloodthirsty humans, elves and dwarves.

Currently in development by Orc Chop Games, Goblin Stone is a narrative-driven fantasy turn-based RPG adventure that’s told from the goblin’s perspective. You take control … Read More

Twilight Tower – Game Jam Build Download

Twilight Tower is a narrative-driven car-based horror roguelike where two companions try to climb out of a pit while sand rises up below them and threatens to engulf them.

Created for the Hexcode x Theme Showdown Jam, Twilight Tower is a card-based roguelike set within a massive stone labyrinth that has a pit in the center that continually fills with sand. It’s no ordinary sand … Read More

Poogue – Game Jam Build Download

Poogue features a clever fusion of Pool and roguelike dungeon crawling as you travel through procedurally generated tables and attempt to pot balls before they pot you!

Created for the 7DRL Challenge, Poogue is a roguelike that sees you attempting to pot your way through a series of procedurally generated pool dungeons. You control your ball much like in a traditional pool game, with you … Read More