Pawnbarian – Alpha Download

Pawnbarian features an innovative mash-up of Chess, deck-building and dungeon crawling roguelike gameplay as you choose which moves to use in turn based-battles against hordes of enemies.

In Pawnbarian you take control of the titular Pawnbarian and attempt to fight your way through a series of increasingly challenging dungeons. Your movement is controlled by the cards you draw from the deck each turn – so … Read More

Devil Slayer: Raksasi – Alpha Demo

Devil Slayer: Raksasi is a beautifully drawn top down roguelike dungeon crawler with tactical Souls-like combat, six uniquely skilled playable characters and Binding of Isaac-esqe procedurally generated multi-room dungeons.

In Devil Slayer: Raksasi you take control of one of six fearsome heroines each with their own unique starting weapons and fighting style. Combat is melee focuses and feels a little Soulsian, with you … Read More