Voidship: The Long Journey – Alpha Demo

Voidship: The Long Journey is an FTL-esque roguelike adventure that sees you piloting a modular ship through space, upgrading it with new modules and taking part in real-time top down space battles.

As in FTL, Voidship sees you piloting your ship through star systems while fighting enemy ships, managing your crew, upgrading your ship and deciding what actions to take during random events. … Read More

Stoneshard – Alpha Download

Stoneshard is an addictive, challenging and humorous open world roguelike dungeon crawler set in a vast monster-filled procedurally generated world.

Drawing inspiration from Diablo, ADOM and Darkest Dungeon, in Stoneshard you take on the role of a mercenary who, after receiving an offer he can’t refuse, sets out to vanquish a tyrannical king and bring peace to the land of Aldor. Along the … Read More

Reprise – Student Project Game

Reprise is an audio-reactive roguelike FPS that sees you blasting enemies with riffs and beats in a futuristic society that’s outlawed music.

In Reprise your aim is to make it through a procedurally generated facility that’s filled with enemies which you kill with your Orchestrator – a futuristic weapon that fires guitar riffs, bass notes, drum hits and Tom beats. Your weapon isn’t rhythm-action based … Read More

Duster – Pre-Alpha Download

Duster is a challenging steampunk Wild West roguelike adventure that sees you attempting to survive a perilous desert full of bandits, lawmen and robots, in search of the richest mine in the West!

The procedurally generated steampunk Wild West setting of Duster is a very inhospitable place to visit. There are towns that can provide some respite from the hazardous conditions (and even more inhospitable … Read More

Grimmwood – Open Beta

Grimmwood is a social multiplayer survival RPG with roguelike elements, that sees you and up to thirty other players exploring, crafting, fighting and defending your shared village from monsters who attack each night.

In Grimmwood you take up residence in a village located deep within an ageless, mystical forest. You explore the surrounding procedurally generated forrest during the day, discovering points of interest, gathering resources … Read More