Exotic Matter – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Exotic Matter is a fun new voxel based open world roleplaying game in which you find yourself shipwrecked on an alien planet and must uncover the technology of an ancient alien civilization as you attempt to make your way back to Earth.

In Exotic Matter you wake up in the crash site of your spaceship, stranded on an alien planet lightyears from home. The fully … Read More

Patient Rogue – Game Jam Build

Patient Rogue is a very addictive card based dungeon crawling roguelike in which you use card based weapons, equipment and spells to fend off monsters and make your way down through a dungeon.

In Patient Rogue your aim is to make it as deep into a randomly generated card based dungeon as possible. Each level of the dungeon is made up of a selection of … Read More

Adultlike – Game Jam Build

Adultlike, a tricky roguelike made for the 7DRL, sees you making your way around a year long calendar, attempting to balance your adult life in the best way you can.

You are an adult. As such, there are various responsibilities and nice things that happen each and every month. Each month is shown day by day around you, and each day has a different … Read More