IIslands of War – Game Jam Build

IIslands of War is a very addictive strategic roguelike shoot ‘em up duelling game that sees you building a floating island, kitting it out with defenses and weaponry, then doing battle with other floating islands.

In IIslands of War (the sequel to Islands of War) you take control of a fully customizable floating island that you can build block by block and add an … Read More

Gallius – Student Project Game

Gallius is a fast paced retro action platforming rogue-lite that plays a little like a condensed version of Rogue Legacy as you battle through randomized dungeons, fight bosses and earn permanent upgrades that help you on future runs.

In Gallius you are given a choice of three character classes (Rogue, Mage and Knight), each with their own unique skills, and you must venture forth into … Read More

Godhunters – Alpha Demo

Godhunters is a super tough roguelike first person shooter that sees you slaying monsters, earning cash, unlocking stackable upgrades and battling powerful bosses.

In Godhunters you start the match being randomly dropped into a map filled with monsters, treasure chests and various points of interest. Treasure chests can contain weapons, stackable upgrades or gems. The gems can be used to purchase upgrades at the various … Read More