Descension – Game Jam Build Download

Descension is a 90’s inspired run ‘n gun roguelike FPS where you collect stackable upgrades as you blast your way through procedurally generated dimensions filled with monsters.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Quake, DOOM and Unreal Tournament, Descension blends fast paced old school FPS action with roguelike gameplay. It was created in a month by three devs for the MADG Evolution Game Jam … Read More

RBTHLE – Game Jam Build Download

RBTHLE is a fast paced little vector graphics styled roguelike where you control a little bunny as it hurtles ever downwards through a hole.

Created for the Disc Room Game Jam, RBTHLE is a fast paced arcade roguelike where you control a little bunny as it falls into an infinite abyss. As you fall through each level you need to dodge red discs as your … Read More

Wind Runners – Beta Demo

Wind Runners is a roguelite side-scrolling shooter with Luftrausers-esque dogfighting and lots of stackable upgrades as you fight against a tyrannical empire across beautiful pixel art environments.

In Wind Runners you take on the role of a rebel fighter who is fighting against the oppression of a tyrannical government that uses military superiority to keep its population in check. You may not be able … Read More

Source of Madness – Beta Demo

Source of Madness is a physics-based Lovecraftian action-roguelite set in a cursed world filled with massive eldritch tentacle monsters that are powered by neural networks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, Source of Madness is a rogulite action adventure where it’s not just the world that’s procedrually generated, the monsters are too. Your acolyte travels through a dark … Read More