Hyperparasite – Kickstarter Demo

Hyperparasite is an 80’s styled twin-stick arcade roguelike where you control a Venom-esque alien parasite that can inhabit the bodies of its enemies and use their skills in combat.

We first featured Hyperparasite on Alpha Beta Gamer last year while it was a prototype and were very impressed with the fast paced twin-stick action and parasitic body-swapping abilities. This latest build feels like a … Read More

Escape From Aeon – Alpha Demo

Escape From Aeon is a stylish lo-fi sci-fi survival horror roguelike that sees you attempting to escape a titanic mothership that’s been invaded by a deadly alien lifeform and its many minions.

Drawing inspiration from The Thing, Alien and Infra Arcana, the level layout and grid based movement of Escape From Aeon is similar to classic roguelike games (such as the aforementioned Infra ArcanaRead More

Between the Stars – Kickstarter Demo

Between the Stars is a narrative-driven open world roguelike Sci-Fi space combat adventure that sees you making important decisions, carrying out missions and taking part in intense space battles as you attempt to protect humanity from the Children of the Sun.

In Between the Stars you become the captain of a stellar cruizer who must cross the galaxy to save the Interstellar Republic from the … Read More