Greed – Alpha Demo


Greed is a fun dwarf mining dungeon crawler, inspired by The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky and Smash TV, that sees you exploring procedurally generated mines, fighting enemies and collecting precious metals.

As well as fun twin-stick style combat agains a variety of foes, there’s also a large emphasis on mining, with you able to mine through most walls in any direction and blast through tougher … Read More

Fruit Punch – Student Project

fruit punch

Fruit Punch is an impressive dungeon crawler in which you control fruit-based heroes in order to defeat the insect menace.

Developed by 4 students at Vancouver Film School, Fruit Punch sees you exploring dungeons, taking on nasty insects, collecting loot and levelling up your fruity warriors.  In an interesting twist, you can also put your heroes into a blender, and make juices for your other … Read More

BEEST – Student Project Download


BEEST is a super tough roguelike that sees you controlling a robotic bee who must eradicate dangerous parasites, heal sick bees and kill corrupted queen bees in an infected beehive.

The mechanics in BEEST are a little different to your traditional dungeon crawling rogue like.  Enemies are tough and the only way to regain health is to cure the sick bees in the hive.  To … Read More

Dungeon Souls – Alpha Download

dungeon souls

Dungeon Souls is a very cool dungeon crawling hack n slash roguelike featuring gorgeous pixel art animation, challenging gameplay, big bosses, procedurally generated level design and permadeath.

After choosing between six playable hero classes (we had most success with the wizard), players set forth into procedurally generated dungeons, packed with loot, hazards and enemies.  As you progress, you’ll earn XP, level up, grade your attributes … Read More

Ducksoup Dungeon – Game Jam Build

ducksoup dungeon game

Ducksoup Dungeon is a fun Game Boy themed roguelike with challenging gameplay, procedurally generated levels and charming retro visuals.

As you progress through the dungeon, you’ll level up, encounter a nice array of enemies and collect gold which can be used to unlock new characters.  Each new character has a distinct attack move which adds a nice bit of variety to the gameplay.

It’s a … Read More