Build and Defend – Beta Download

build and defend

Build and Defend is a top-down/3rd person multiplayer rogue-like sandbox game where you have to find resources, build a fortress, set-up defences and discover technologies to aid your survival against the hordes of enemies.  As you progress, you’ll upgrade your fortress and defences to fight off the increasingly aggressive and powerful waves of enemies, you’ll get some respite during daylight, but when darkness falls they’ll … Read More



Stones Of Sorrow is an ultra-violent action-roguelike based on historical cave paintings with cooldown based combat mechanics and buckets of blood (or paint).

The levels in Stones of Sorrow are all procedurally generated, with you having to pay a gatekeeper with gold to get lower into the cave.  You’ll find some of this gold scattered throughout the levels, but you’ll earn most of it through … Read More



Proven lands is a vast procedurally generated science-fiction sandbox roguelike with en emphasis on exploration, inspired by Star Trek, Don’t Starve, Project Zomboid and Cataclysm.

This isn’t just another sandbox survival game, here there is an emphasis on exploration and storytelling.  The story of Proven Lands unfolds in two distinct ways, one is a scripted story about friendship, bravery and even a pregnancy, while the … Read More



Copod is a vibrant 2D top-down exploration roguelite, set in a colourful, beautiful, organic feeling world.   All you have to do is impress your mate by finding a flower and bringing it back to her.  However, it’s a dangerous place to be exploring, and you’re only a little Copod, you’ll have to use your wits to survive.

This isn’t a fast and frantic shooter, things … Read More