Venice 2089 – Student Game Download

Venice 2089 is a wonderfully chilled out adventure that follows a bored teenager as she hoverboards through a rustic futuristic version of Venice, helping people and finding a little direction in her life.

Created by students of the Event Horizon School in Italy, Venice 2089 takes place in the futuristic (but also quite rustic looking) city of Venice in the year 2089. The city was … Read More

Cats on Mars – Game Jam Build Download

Cats on Mars is a very funny little pun-filled musical RPG that follows a space cat who attempts to win a dance competition on Mars.

Created for the Secret Santa Jam, Cats on Mars is a lighthearted little rhythm action RPG adventure about a dancing space cat. In the game you want to enter a dance competition that’s taking place on a feline-filled space station … Read More

Bittersweet Birthday – Alpha Demo

Bittersweet Birthday is a beautifully animated pixel art bullet hell action adventure where every combat encounter is a brutally tough boss fight.

In Bittersweet Birthday you awaken in a strange facility with no memory of who you are or how you got there. There is a friendly voice that talks to you over an intercom though, who gives you advice and asks you to come … Read More