The Black Masses – Alpha Demo

The Black Masses is an open world fantasy horror RPG adventure where you explore a vast 16 square kilometer island that’s populated by hundreds of thousands of possessed zombie-like inhabitants.

Playable in single-player or online co-op (though only single-player is available in the current build), The Black Masses starts with your character washing up on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. It seems that the … Read More


ASCIIDENT is a very stylish new open world Sci-Fi survival adventure where all of the visuals are created from ASCII text.

Currently in development by Lithuanian developer Andrey Fomin, ASCIIDENT is an ASCII based open world survival adventure that tells the tale of a human clone who escapes from space pirates and crash lands his ship on a strange asteroid. The asteroid was colonized millennia … Read More

Eternal Magic – Open Beta

Eternal Magic aims to deliver a classic old school MMORPG experience, with PvE, PvP, dynamic battles, pets and a compelling story.

In Eternal Magic players are able to choose between six traditional character classes and embark on an epic adventure in a rich fantasy world. There’s plenty of PvE dungeons to battle your way through and a variety of different PvE modes, including a MOBA … Read More