Total Anarchy – Beta Download (Update)

Total Anarchy hearkens back to the 2D top-down roots of GTA as you hijack cars, sell drugs, murder citizens and go on a crime spree in the violent streets of Pavillion City.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Total Anarchy has recently had a big update that introduces more story missions, drug dealing, more guns and more radio channels (among other … Read More

There is No Light – Alpha Demo

There is No Light is a dark pixel art action adventure where you battle giant spiders, grotesque abominations and bloodthirsty demonic forces in a post-apocalyptic underground world that reacts to your actions.

In There is No Light you step into the shoes of a man who has the fate of the world in his hands – able to bring it to order or herald its … Read More

Black Book – Kickstarter Demo

Black Book is a beautiful narrative-driven dark fantasy RPG adventure that draws on Slavic mythology as a young sorceress fights demons and aids citizens while attempting to bring back a loved one from the dead.

In Black Book you follow the story of Vasilisa, a young woman who delves into witchcraft and sorcery in an attempt to bring back her betrothed from the dead, after … Read More