Toasty – Kickstarter Demo

Toasty is a wonderfully whimsical pixel art action RPG adventure that follows a marshmallow knight as he discovers the truth about his origins and prevents a powerful evil from corrupting the land of Geldia.

The gameplay in Toasty draws inspiration from the classic top-down Zelda games, with you able to freely wander around an open world, chat to NPCs, solve puzzles, battle monsters, collect loot … Read More

Eldest Souls – Beta Demo

Eldest Souls is a brutally tough and beautifully animated boss rush pixel art RPG adventure that follows a lone knight as he attempts to slay the gods and restore balance to the world.

Playing a little like Titan Souls or Raindancer, but with more of an interactable world and RPG elements, Eldest Souls follows the adventure of a little knight with a big sword … Read More

Juice World – Alpha Download

Juice World is an incredibly weird and wobble third person hack n’ slash adventure in a world full of strange jelly-limbed monsters full of Juice.

Created by Fishlicka (creator of the equally bizarre Schwing), in Juice World you are a weird wobbly-limbed monstrosity that lives in a world full of even more weird wobbly-limbed monstrosities. After a short and entertaining tutorial stage, you’re unleashed … Read More