Skelethrone – Alpha Demo

Skelethrone is a Castlevania and Dark Souls inspired metroidvania adventure with striking hand drawn animation and a vast open world to explore.

Taking place in a dark fantasy version of the Dark Ages, Skelethrone puts you in control of an undead knight who awakens in a pile of corpses and feels a calling. You must now fight your way through its large non-linear 2D … Read More

Loot River – Beta Demo

Loot River blends Tetris with dungeon crawling and a touch of Soulsian combat as you fight your way through labyrinthine dungeons that you can shift sections around like giant Tetris blocks!

Created by and presented by the team behind SUPERHOT, Loot River is a dungeon crawling roguelike set in watery labyrinths filled with floating platforms that you can shift around. You can move … Read More