Vapor World: Over The Mind – Alpha Demo

Vapor World: Over The Mind is a beautiful 2D Souls-like action RPG adventure with stunning hand drawn artwork and challenging parry-focused combat.

In Vapor World: Over The Mind you will step into a surreal world where the inhabitants are haunted by eternal nightmares. Your mind is part of a whole colossal mind world where you’ll fight trauma-inflicted monsters, search for the sources of the trauma … Read More

Velaster – Alpha Demo

Velaster is a 2.5D side-scrolling soulslike set in a world where angels, demons and humans used to coexist.

In Velaster you will journey through a world that has become corrupted by war between angels, demons and humans. The war has turned its inhabitants into grotesque monsters and you’ll need to fight them as you make for a distant castle in search of vengeance.

The core … Read More

Metroplex Zero – Beta Sign Up

Metroplex Zero is a neo-cyberpunk card combat game with roguelike and JRPG elements, where you assemble a team and battle evil Megacorporations.

Drawing inspiration from Shadowrun, Slay the Spire and Magic: The Gathering, Metroplex Zero is a card-based roguelite adventure set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Taking place in the year 2280, the world is now run by tyrannical megacorporations and you must assemble a … Read More

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos – Beta Demo

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is a melee combat-focused third person action RPG adventure set in a surreal alien world filled with strange creatures to beat up.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign up, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is a Sci-Fi fantasy action RPG from the creators of Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash. It’s a standalone adventure, but takes … Read More

Wall World – Open Beta

Wall World is a mining action adventure game where you pilot a giant robospider that crawls up a vast vertical wall world.

In Wall World you take control of a mobile base that can scale a gigantic vertical wall and shoot enemies that try to attack. Every now and again you encounter procedurally generated mines that you can dig into to harvest resources. You can … Read More