Necropolis – Beta Download


Necropolis is a rather awesome standalone Doom Total conversion First Person Brawler with RPG elements, set in a very stylish black and white world full of weird and wonderful monsters trying to rip you to (papery) shreds.

The game is still far from complete, but it’s already great fun with a cool paper-craft visual style, 3 different playable classes (Mage, Huntress & Cleric), each with … Read More

Planet Explorers – Alpha Download

planet explorers

Planet Explorers is an impressive open world voxel based sandbox adventure RPG set on a distant planet, that allows players to alter the terrain, customize their character, combine and create weapons, vehicles, and buildings and fight massive enemy creatures.

It’s the year 2287, and you and a bunch of other survivors have crash-landed on the planet Maria, an unforgiving land filled with deadly creatures.  Now … Read More

Velvet Sundown – Open Beta (Steam)

Velvet Sundown

As we mentioned back in April, Velvet Sundown is an intriguing new type of role-playing game, where players don’t battle dragons or space zombies, they actually take on the role of the character.

You play the part of a guest on a luxury yacht, and have to interact with the other players to achieve your goals, without letting anyone else know what they are.  … Read More