Detained: Too Good for School – Beta Demo

Detained: Too Good for School is a narrative driven side-scrolling beat ’em up RPG where two delinquent schoolgirls seek vengeance in a crime-filled city.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Kickstarter, Detained: Too Good for School is a story-rich fusion of beat ’em up and action RPG gameplay. The game follows the story of two delinquent girls who meet in juvenile detention and … Read More

IdleOn: The Idle MMO – Open Beta

IdleOn: The Idle MMO is a very addictive fusion of idle and RPG gameplay, with a massive array of stuff to discover and characters who keep playing while you’re gone.

In IdleOn: The Idle MMO your hero sets out to defeat a giant evil monster, but soon finds themselves banished to the depths of the world. You’ll now need to explore, battle enemies, complete quests, … Read More

No Body – Kickstarter Demo

No Body is a surreal turn-based RPG adventure with horror elements, about an anime-loving boy who’s haunted by a menacing presence.

Drawing inspiration from Undertale, Silent Hill and Twin Peaks, No Body follows the story of a boy called Clownface who enters a bizarre reality called the WELL. You’re accompanied by four oddball friends called The Witch, Marked, Angel and TOB-13 (they do all have … Read More