ZeroGrave – Alpha Demo

ZeroGrave is a slick and stylish Descent inspired six degrees of freedom Sci-Fi FPS where you fly through a network of neon-filled levels, blasting the many defenses that stand in your way.

Drawing inspiration from the 1995 classic, Descent, ZeroGrave sees you piloting a drone-like flying vehicle through labyrinthine networks of rooms and blasting the hostile drones that inhabit them. The levels are fairly … Read More

Biomass – Alpha Demo

Biomass is a beautifully animated Souls-ian Sci-Fi metroidvania adventure where you set out on a pilgrimage to a lighthouse at the center of a sinking metropolis.

In Biomass you take on the role of a mysterious stranger who is on a pilgrimage to the heart of a lighthouse in the center of a sprawling dystopian city that’s sinking into the water. The lore of the … Read More

Roadwarden – Beta Demo

Roadwarden is a beautifully illustrated text-based RPG adventure with a focus on real role-playing as you become a lone Roadwarden, hired by the Merchant Guild to roam the wilderness, guarding travellers, connecting isolated villages, supporting merchants and fending off bandits and monsters.

The wilderness that Roadwarden takes place is a dangerous land, filled with deadly creatures, bandits and undead monstrosities. Most people don’t venture there … Read More