Eastern Exorcist – Alpha Demo

Eastern Exorcist is a beautiful and brutally tough hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling action RPG with a focus on melee combat as a sword-wielding exorcist fights demons in a mystical Eastern world.

In Eastern Exorcist you take on the role of an exorcist who vanquishes demons with his sword. You fight your way through a beautifully animated world that’s filled with demonic monsters and powerful bosses that … Read More

Paramorphos – Alpha Demo

Paramorphos is a PS1 styled third person action RPG with an authentically clunky pre-dual-analog stick control scheme as you battle monsters in an abandoned monastery.

Created for the Keep Calm, Do Games game jam, Paramorphos not only looks like a PS1 game, it plays like one too. Your blonde haired knight sets out on a short, but fun little adventure where you fight monsters, collect … Read More

Fallen Angel – Alpha Download

Fallen Angel is a stylish pixel art hack ‘n slash action RPG where you control the dark lord Lucifer as he attempts to fight his way through heaven to come face to face with his creator.

In Fallen Angel you’re not just a bad guy, you’re THE bad guy, Lucifer himself, but it seems that maybe you’re actually on the side of good this time. … Read More