Anno 1800 – Beta Demo

Players can now download a limited week long demo of Anno 1800, Ubisoft’s latest instalment of the city-building RTS franchise, this time taking place during the dawn of the industrial age.

As we mentioned during April’s open Beta, Anno 1800 is the latest in the long running Anno franchise, that combines city building with sea-faring real-time strategy set within the 19th century. New additions … Read More

UNDEFEATED – Student Game

UNDEFEATED is essentially a perfect blueprint of how to make a great Superman game, allowing you to swoop around a large open city, fighting crime, saving civilians and battling dangerous supervillains.

Considering he’s one of DC’s most famous superheroes and that Batman has had a surprising amount of great games, it’s amazing how bad the official Superman games have been. Step forward UNDEFEATED, a … Read More

New Frontier – Alpha Download

New Frontier is an open world sandbox MMORPG which allows you to ride, fight and carve out a life for yourself in the Wild West.

Emerging from the ashes of the now defunct Wild West Online, New Frontier is a PvP focused sandbox survival MMORPG set in a Wild West that’s plagued by monsters from another dimension. In the game you’ll be able to … Read More