Safe Not Safe – Alpha Download

Safe Not Safe is a Sci-Fi espionage game which allows you to use stealth, hacking or brute force as you attempt to infiltrate its procedurally generated high security facilities.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last August during the closed Alpha sign up, Safe Not Safe is a first person rogue-lite stealth action game which gives players a vast amount of freedom to infiltrate … Read More

Total Anarchy – Beta Download

Total Anarchy is a GTA inspired top-down open world action game, which allows you to get up to all manner of mischief on the bustling streets of its crime-filled City.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago while it was in Alpha, Total Anarchy harkens back to the early days of GTA, giving players complete freedom to cause mayhem and earn a … Read More

[ARTHAUS] – Game Jam Build

[ARTHAUS] is a fun little experience that allows you to enter abstract dreamworlds and create 3D art installations to display in a virtual gallery!

Created for the 2019 Spring #UE4Jam, [ARTHAUS] is a wonderfully weird art creation game that transports you to eight unique abstract worlds and tasks you with creating differently themed art installations in them. Each world is differently themed (from a snowy … Read More