Farfalle OS – Game Jam Build

Farfalle OS is a clever little metagame that sees you using a pasta-based operating system to help get that latest build of Magical Spaghetti Girl into production.

Farfalle OS is played entirely via a text based Farfalle operating system. The Farfalle OS is similar to Windows, but its DOS-style terminal uses commands that all have something to do with pasta – so you’ll type commands … Read More

Project Wingman – Alpha Demo

Project Wingman is a very impressive air combat flight sim with gorgeous visuals and easily accessible controls that allow you to jump in and take to the skies for some epic dogfights.

The current build of Project Wingman gives you access to two missions and two different fighter planes (The Sk.27 and the F/E-18). The planes have customisable weapon loadouts and the missions contain a … Read More

HAL Docking Simulator – Game Jam Build

HAL Docking Simulator, a 2001: A Space Odyssey themed spaceship dating simulator made in a game jam at the London College of Communication, has you attempt to chat up other ships so you can dock with them.

In HAL Docking Simulator you take on the role of HAL, sent on a mission by Dave to gain information about other ships. You can do this … Read More

Be The Rocket – Kickstarter Demo

Be The Rocket is a charming and easily accessible flight sim inspired by Nintendo’s classic Pilotwings games, which sees you testing your precision flying skills in a Rocket Bucket, a stunt plane, a hang glider, a parachute and a rocket.

As in Pilotwings, Be The Rocket allows you to pilot an eclectic assortment of aircraft through the airs of a beautiful little island. The … Read More