Dante’s Infernya – Student Project Game

Dante’s Infernya is a funny physics-based feline action game that sees you taking control of a naughty cat and attempting to destroy all your owner’s belongings without getting caught!

Dante’s Infernya plays a little like Catlateral Damage and Purrkour, with you controlling a mischievous cat who loves to wreck things, but with the added danger of being chased by your owner. Your aim in … Read More

A Case For Watson – Game Jam Build

A Case For Watson is a very cleverly crafted detective adventure that features one of the most authentic simulations of real detective work we’ve come across, as you help Watson solve a grizzly murder before Sherlock Holmes arrives on the scene.

Most mystery/detective games make the mistake of highlighting clues which you can pick up and add to your inventory. This usually makes solving the … Read More

IO Interloper – Pre-Alpha Download

IO Interloper is a very cleverly crafted corporate espionage sim that sees you hacking into phones, computers, cameras, doors and drones as you attempt to steal valuable company secrets.

In IO Interloper you take on the role of a hacker who can infiltrate an office building and steal secrets from the comfort of your computer desktop. The current pre-alpha build features one mission that takes … Read More