Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Beta Demo

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a remarkably in depth narrative driven adventure/simulation game that tells the story of how a young boy with a passion for dinosaurs becomes a very successful paleontologist.

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter you get to experience some of the work, drive and passion it takes to become a renowned paleontologist. You follow the story of a paleontology enthusiast throughout their life, starting … Read More

HairLab 2D – Alpha Demo

HairLab 2D is a fun little chilled out game where you can cut, color and style the glowing multicolored hair of three odd hairy characters.

If there’s one criticism that can be levelled at real-life hair then it’s that it doesn’t glow and pulse with a fiery neon intensity. Thankfully the creator of HairLab 2D have rectified this evolutionary oversight, and it allows you to … Read More

Sugarwinds – Alpha Sign Up

Sugarwinds is a colonial Carribean city-building RTS where players colonize, trade and fight to become a powerhouse of the West Indies.

In Sugarwinds you set out from a selected European country and attempt to colonize the West Indies. You’ll select the location of your colony, then build, grow and trade to keep the money flowing and your people happy. You’ll also have to keep them … Read More

Call of Karen – Student Game Download

Call of Karen is a comedic first person housewife simulator which sees Cthulhu invading your home and causing chaos in a 1950’s suburban household.

In Call of Karen you take on the role of the titular Karen – a rather underappreciated suburban housewife in 1950’s America. You listen to the hilariously patronizing radio shows as you go about your daily tasks, which generally revolve around … Read More