Packets, Please! – Game Jam Build

Packets, Please! Gives players a glimpse of Ajit Pai’s post-Net Neutrality future as you take control of a data throttler at ‘CosmoCast’ – throttling, boosting and disconnecting users connection as per your companies nefarious policies.

Packets, Please! take place in a (very) near future where Net Neutrality has been successfully repealed and bandwidth throttling runs rampant. You take control of a data throttler who works … Read More

Modlands – Alpha Download

Modlands is a charming colony building game with easily accessible gameplay, stylish voxel based visuals and innovative Twitch support that allows viewers to become your colonists and play along cooperatively or competitively via chat.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last June, Modlands sees you taking control of a little colony of cute little blocky characters and helping them harvest resources, explore, craft, build … Read More