Anno 1800 – Open Beta

Anno 1800, the latest installment of Ubisoft’s popular city building RTS franchise is now in open Beta, with players able to download it now and start building their 19th century empires.

Ubisoft’s seventh installment in the Anno franchise takes place at the dawn of the industrial age in the 19th century. Anno 1800 returns to the city-building and ocean warfare real-time strategy gameplay of … Read More

Walaber’s Pro Gymnast – Alpha Download

Walaber’s Pro Gymnast is a great new QWOP-like gymnastics game where you use your momentum to pull to pull off some remarkable feats of aerial agility across its increasingly challenging levels.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, Walaber’s Pro Gymnast is a physics based gymnastics game that gives you complete control of your gymnast’s body – for better … Read More

Stone Dream Simulator – Game Jam Build

Stone Dream Simulator is an odd little interactive experience that takes place over twelve days during the lifetime of a large rock, intermixed with weird dreams you have at night.

In Stone Dream Simulator you can’t move (because you’re a rock), but you can look around to observe your surroundings. The game allows you to experience twelve days selected from throughout the hundreds (or thousands) … Read More