Yamadera, Yamagata Japan (Lushfoil Photography Sim) – Beta Download

Yamadera, Yamagata Japan is a breathtakingly beautiful first person exploration game where you explore, take pictures and discover secrets in a near-photorealistic recreation of the Yamadera Mountain Temple in Japan.

Created as part of caves rd’s Lushfoil Photography Sim series (previous installments including
Lago di Braies, Italy and Castle Rock Beach, West Australia) Yamadera, Yamagata Japan allows you to visit a near-perfect recreation of … Read More

ABRISS – Beta Demo

ABRISS is a physics-based destruction game where you build structures to destroy other structures in digital-brutalist cityscapes.

In ABRISS you build to destroy. Specifically, you build moving structures whose purpose is to destroy other large structures in each level. Your structures can be as simple as a large tower that falls in the right direction, or something a little more complex with lasers, rotation mechanisms … Read More

Valley Peaks – Beta Demo

Valley Peaks is a charming free-climbing adventure where you scale the peaks of a whimsical mountainous landscape filled with friendly frogs.

In Valley Peaks you’ve been tasked with restoring the radio signals to a tranquil mountainous countryside. To do this you need to scale to the summit of the various peaks in the area and install radio towers there. However, the more you explore and … Read More