Tech Support: Error Unknown – Beta Demo

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a narrative driven cell phone tech support simulator where all is not what it seems as you unravel a conspiracy and deal with your own personal problems while also dealing with customers.

In Tech Support: Error Unknown you take on the role of a newly appointed tech support specialist working for a large telecommunications company. The game plays out via … Read More

Alchemy Story – Alpha Demo

Alchemy Story is an adorable little farming sim where you grow and pick herbs, tend to animals and create potions in your quaint country home.

In Alchemy Story you take control of Arabella, a young apprentice alchemist who lives near a village that’s been struck with a dark magic which has turned all the other humans into animals. You must now tend to your farm, … Read More

Heeey! Park-Boy! – Prototype Download

Heeey! Park-Boy! is an adorable little casual gardening sim/adventure game that draws inspiration from Chibi-Robo and Katamari Damacy, as a cute little alien attempt to bring a bit of happiness to the world by growing flowers.

In Heeey! Park-Boy! you take control of Yuu-Boy, a adorable little alien whose spaceship is powered by happiness. Unfortunately while flying through space he strayed a little too … Read More