1915 – Student Game

1915 is a powerful narrative driven experience which allows you to walk the trenches during the start of World War One and uncover soldier’s stories of The Battle of Loos.

In 1915 you are able to walk through an authentic recreation of a World War One trench that was used during the Battle of Loos and discover short memoirs of some of the soldiers. There … Read More

Deusimator – Student Game

Deusimator is a thoroughly bizarre fusion of Jalopy-esque car simulation and boxing where you beat up a rampaging Kaiju while driving a car/mech hybrid!

You start Deusimator sat within a normal(ish) looking car interior. Much like in any car It’s got a radio, ignition, a steering wheel, window wipers and a horn, all of which you can interact with. However, it also comes with … Read More

Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition – Alpha Download

Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition is a fan made remake of the N64 classic Pokémon Snap game, which allows you to travel along an island railway, taking pictures of your favorite Pokémon in the wild.

In Pokémon Snap Unity: HD Edition you’re able to travel back to the charming island of the N64 original and take photos of the various Pokémon that live there as … Read More