Accident – Beta Demo

Accident is a vehicle crash simulation game where you turn up to road accidents, help the victims, perform first aid and investigate the cause and timeline of the accident.

In Accident you are a journalist who enters simulations of vehicle crash sites to discover what really happened there. When in the simulations you’ll explore the crash site, make the site safe, provide first aid, search … Read More

Drill Deal: Borehole – Alpha Download

Drill Deal: Borehole is an offshore oil rig simulator where you build and manage your own oil platform with an aim of producing, refining and selling as much black gold as possible.

In Drill Deal you’ll be placed in charge of oil rigs in various challenging scenarios – such as freezing arctic conditions or near a cluster of haunted islands. The Drill Deal Alpha features … Read More

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Beta Demo

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a remarkably in depth narrative driven adventure/simulation game that tells the story of how a young boy with a passion for dinosaurs becomes a very successful paleontologist.

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter you get to experience some of the work, drive and passion it takes to become a renowned paleontologist. You follow the story of a paleontology enthusiast throughout their life, starting … Read More