YouTuber’s Life OMG – Game Key Giveaway (PS4 & Xbox One)

YouTuber’s Life OMG is a simulation game where you build up a content creation empire as you go from cranking out simple vids in your parent’s house to becoming the greatest video blogger in history.

Currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS and Android, YouTuber’s Life OMG is a fun and surprisingly comprehensive content creator simulation game. In the game you start by … Read More

Sleepwalking Simulator – Game Jam Build

Sleepwalking Simulator is a fun little game where you have to breathe and walk down a hallway. Sounds easy right?

In Sleepwalking Simulator you find yourself trapped in a corridor with pictures of games on the walls and a door at the very end. You are asleep and the only way to wake up is by reaching the door, but each time you reach it … Read More

Forge and Fight – Prototype Download

Forge and Fight allows you to easily build all manner of weird and wonderful melee weapons then test them out in a deadly combat arena.

Crafting your weapons in Forge and Fight’s weapon creator is remarkably easy – you just select a handle then add connectors, blades and an assortment of other deadly objects piece by piece. Chains, pipes and multiconnectors are good for … Read More

Pre-Shave – Game Jam Build

Pre-Shave is a funny but painfully accurate simulation of a brown man grooming himself for an important upcoming event.

In Pre-Shave you stand in front of a mirror, where you can grab the various items sat on the sink with your mouse-controlled arms and groom yourself for an upcoming event. You can use shaving cream, a razor, a toothbrush and a phone, but the most … Read More