Make War – Alpha Download

Make War is a voxel based battle simulation puzzler where you place alien units to influence the outcome of battles between vikings and knights.

The sandbox battle simulation gameplay in Make War is a little similar to the likes of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but it’s much more puzzle focused and sees you using an alien army to intervene with battles throughout history. The … Read More

Neo Cab – Beta Demo

Neo Cab is a very stylish and well written narrative driven adventure that’s played out entirely via conversations you have with passengers in your car, as you become one of the last human Uber-esque drivers-for-hire in a dystopian cyberpunk city.

In Neo Cab you step into the shoes of Lina, a young woman who works as an Uber style driver-for-hire, who has just moved to … Read More

Flattened – Alpha Download

Flattened is a bizarre little game where you attempt to survive as 500ft women, men and furries stomp about the environment, squashing anything that gets in their way.

There is a narrative to Flattened that revolves around alien giants using tiny humans for their amusement in a primetime TV show, but it’s not implemented (or important) in the current build. All you need to know … Read More

Jamsterdam – Game Jam Build

Jamsterdam is a stylish little game where you attempt to make enough cash as a street musician to pay for your even increasing bills in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Created for Ludum Dare 44, In Jamsterdam you control a street musician who attempts to earn a living by singing along with his jazz band on the streets of Amsterdam. After a short stroll along … Read More