StarMade is an impressive Minecraft inspired 3D sandbox space shooter that allows you to build and pilot gigantic spaceships and explore the galaxy.

The customisation and ship building aspects of the game are truly impressive, allowing you to build ships and massive space stations using minecraft style building techniques.  You’ll then be able to kit out your ship with customised weaponry, shields, salvage and stealth … Read More


Previously known as Halo Command, UNSC Warfare is an Online Browser Based RTS / Management game set in the Halo universe.  It puts players into the seat of a UNSC Ship and gives them the opportunity to lead their UNSC Forces to victory.

UNSC Warfare has an abundance of features in development, inclduing: PvP, Missions, and Lore based Content straight from the community.  The game … Read More


GearCity puts you in charge of your own automobile company, allowing you to control every facet of your company, from design to dealerships.

You’ll be able to design chassis, engines, transmissions, and bodies.  Then build factories and set production lines, set up branches to distribute vehicles to dealerships.  You’ll also handle marketing and racing budgets and hire lobbyists to get juicy government contracts.  While making … Read More