Imagine Earth – Alpha Download

imagine earth

Imagine Earth – Planetary Colonization is a planetary colony managing game with a similar visual style to the upcoming Universim, where you need to raise thriving colonies on undiscovered planets. You build huge civilizations on untouched worlds while supply your peoples needs and protect them from threats.

The game teaches you the basics of how to build and protect your colony and take care … Read More



Outpost is a charming management sim that tasks you with helping your crew survive in a remote mining facility on a hostile planet until rescue.  It’s simple, Prison Architect graphical style belies a deceptively tricky game, which is an ongoing balancing act of building defences, mining, hunting and resource management.

This balancing act is pretty hard to get to grips with initially as there are … Read More



Crashed Lander is a fun gravity based arcade game, inspired by Lunar Lander and Space Taxi, were you pilot your rather fragile craft through levels as fast as you can, avoiding obstacles and enemies on your way.

Visually the game is impressive, and it’s great fun exploring the levels, uncovering the rich fauna of the alien world you’re stranded on.  Your ship also handles well, … Read More