The Last Faith – Open Beta

The Last Faith is now in Open Beta so everyone can jump in for some dark gothing soulslike metroidvania action.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, The Last Faith is a soulslike metroidvania inspired by Castlevania and Bloodborne. It takes place in a gothic city infused with ancient religion and divinities. Combat features a blend of melee, … Read More

Ashen Knights: One Passage – Prologue Download

Ashen Knights: One Passage is a top-down action adventure where you play as two characters with two very different playstyles – souls-like & hack n’ slash.

A prologue to the upcoming Ashen Knights game, One Passage follows the story of two knights with totally different playstyles. Evelin is a skilled fighter who uses soulslike combat, with rolls, parries and tactical strikes. Primos on the other … Read More

Tombwater – Alpha Demo

Tombwater is a Bloodborne inspired weird west action RPG set in a cursed town fiIled with Eldritch monstrosities.

Currently in development by Max Mraz (creator of the excellent Bloodborne fan game, Yarntown), Tombwater is a weird west action RPG built in Solarus, a game engine primarily known for (some very good) Link to the Past style Zelda fan games. This means that the … Read More