Good Vibes Jogging – Game Jam Build

Good Vibes Jogging is a delightful little game where you go for a little jog through a park and spread good vibes among the other joggers.

Created for the OST Jam Vol. 4 by andyman404 (creator of Mr Buttman’s Grand Opening and Fingerpaint Art Restoration) Good Vibes Jogging is a lighthearted jogging game where you burn a few calories and make a few friends. … Read More

How I Learned to Skate – Beta Demo

How I Learned to Skate is a delightful and incredibly challenging top-down ice-skating game where you attempt to navigate a beautiful frozen lake without bumping into anything.

In How I Learned to Skate you control a little boy who is learning how to skate on a large frozen lake. The game features a semi-QWOP-like control scheme that allows you to control the movement of each … Read More

360 Chicken – Alpha Download

360 Chicken is a very silly and gloriously brutal physics based skateboarding game where you catch some air and do cool tricks while trying to avoid the many deadly hazards in each level.

In 360 Chicken you take control of a little skateboarding chicken that skates around in some very hazardous skateparks. The current build features one large skatepark level where you can freely skate … Read More