Tanuki Sunset – Prototype Download

Tanuki Sunset is a very cool synthwave themed downhill longboard-skating game where you control a little raccoon as it weaves through traffic, pulls off stunts and collects groovy tunes.

It is technically a skating game, but Tanuki Sunset is a far cry from the likes of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. In the game you take control of a skateboarding raccoon as it skates … Read More

Carrumble – Beta Sign Up

Carrumble combines a bizarre blend of wrestling and Robot Wars-esque vehicular combat, as four players face off in arenas using heavily armed vehicles capable of ridiculous wrestling acrobatics.

In Carrumble players will be able to choose between a wide selection of uniquely skilled vehicles then enter one of its dynamic arenas to partake in some online multiplayer vehicular combat wrestling. The last vehicle driving is … Read More