Block Sport – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

We have another 1000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Block Sport, the fast paced fusion of Rocket League-esque ball sports and Speedball-style brutality.

As we mentioned during the last giveaway, Block Sport sees teams of heroes in destructible armor attempting to smash each other to pieces and score goals in futuristic Rocket League style arenas. There’s a selection of … Read More

JackHammer – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

We have 6000 Steam Alpha keys to give away for JackHammer – the super cool fusion of intense arena combat and dodgeball where your reactions and reflexes are all that stands between life and death by MurderBall.

As we mentioned during the Closed Alpha sign up, JackHammer is a high octane blend of Unreal Engine 4 powered arena FPS action and dodgeball that pits … Read More

TennisHero – Game Jam Build

TennisHero, a challenging blend of bullet hell and tennis made for the Ludum Dare 41, sees you trying to knock back bullets with your trusty tennis racket.

In TennisHero you are on your own, serving it up against loads of enemies, without a tennis ball in sight. Instead of providing your own balls, you are able to use your racket to whack back the … Read More

Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 – Game Jam Build

Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 is a wonderfully gruesome surgery simulator that sees you fixing up your boxer’s mangled face between rounds!

Anyone who’s ever seen a Rocky film will know that a boxer’s face can get pretty wrecked during the course of a boxing match (mainly due to Rocky’s unique technique of blocking punches with his face), which often requires some makeshift ringside surgery so … Read More