Wasteland Golf – Game Jam Build Download

wasteland golf

Wasteland Golf, a golfing game made for the Indie Speed Run 3.0, has you avoiding toxic waste while trying to get a hole in one!

You are golfing through a barren wasteland. Trees are on fire, toxic waste barrels sit in tubs around the course and mutant dogs roam, looking for humans to infect. As you play golf caddy walks around with you. He … Read More

Krycob – Game Jam Build Download


Krycob is the most stylish and fiendishly tough game of mini-golf you’ll ever play – with vibrant pulsing visuals and tricky course design that will test your precision putting to the limit.

Your aim is to make it through various checkpoints within a certain amount of shots without falling off.  The whole game can be completed in under five minutes IF you manage to stay … Read More

Ballf – Alpha Demo


Ballf is a fun voxel based golf game in which bears throw balls across a variety of courses – from floating islands to space stations.

The Ballf Alpha Demo is still early in development and does have some rough edges, but it shows promise and it’s got plenty of content – with 8 courses playable in single or multiplayer in traditional or speed-based game modes.… Read More

MonsterBall League – Student Project Download

MonsterBall League

MonsterBall League is a fun 2 vs 2 sport game with a big twist – the ball can get mad, transform and go on a rampage, throwing players into their own goal!

The aim in MonsterBall League is to score more goals than your opponent by throwing the ball into their net.  The only problem is that the ‘ball’ is a tiny monster who doesn’t … Read More