Hiro’s Escape – Alpha Demo

Hiro’s Escape is a charming Game Boy styled stealth action puzzle game where you attempt to sneak past guards to find your family in 1467 Feudal Japan.

In Hiro’s Escape you control the titular character as he attempts to sneak his way through a series of vertically scrolling levels that are patrolled by samurai and archers. Most of the time you’re unarmed so you need … Read More

Tasty Ramen – Beta Download

Tasty Ramen is a hilarious PS1 styled horror game about a Japanese grocery store that’s haunted by a murderous bowl of ramen!

The original build of Tasty Ramen was created for the Scream Solstice game jam and a demo was released as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, and it was a lot of fun, but this latest build really knocks it out of … Read More

Gloomwood – Alpha Demo

Gloomwood is a tense retro styled gothic survival horror FPS set in a Victorian city that’s plagued by an ancient curse.

In Gloomwood you take control of a mysterious stranger as they attempt to sneak, slice and shoot their way through a cursed Victorian city. The game draws inspiration from 90’s/00’s survival horror classics and allows you to tackle the city in a variety of … Read More

Hello Guest – Alpha Download

Hello Guest is a stealth horror thriller from the creators of Hello Neighbor, where you attempt to outsmart an advanced, self-learning AI that lurks in the shadows at an abandoned amusement park.

Currently in development by tinyBuild, in Hello Guest you take on the role of a security who works the night shift at the Golden Apple Amusement Park. Most security guards may have … Read More

UnMetal – Beta Demo

UnMetal is a hilarious 2D stealth action adventure that pokes fun at the Metal Gear games as a wise-cracking hero tells the story of how he escaped from a heavily guarded Russian military base.

In UnMetal you take on the role of Jesse Fox, a Snake-esque soldier (who isn’t a soldier) that got thrown in jail in 1972 by a crack commando squad for a … Read More