IO Interloper – Pre-Alpha Download

IO Interloper is a very cleverly crafted corporate espionage sim that sees you hacking into phones, computers, cameras, doors and drones as you attempt to steal valuable company secrets.

In IO Interloper you take on the role of a hacker who can infiltrate an office building and steal secrets from the comfort of your computer desktop. The current pre-alpha build features one mission that takes … Read More

The World Begins With You – Game Jam Build

The World Begins with You, a beautiful, mysterious Journey-esque adventure game made for the Wizard Jam 6, sees you exploring the ruins of a seemingly long forgotten world.

In The World Begins with You you have wake up in a prison cell. You don’t have any memory of why you are here or what has happened, but that doesn’t seem to matter as … Read More

Hidden Asset – Alpha Demo

Hidden Asset is a Hitman-esque isometric stealth assassination game that sees you sneaking, hacking and killing your way past security to eliminate high profile targets for a contractor.

Set in a dystopian city that’s been ruined by corporate greed, in Hidden Asset you take on the role of an unemployed man who is given a chance to prove his worth as an assassin. You’re … Read More