Secret Neighbor – Open Beta

Secret Neighbor is now in Open Beta, with players able to download and partake in the asymmetric multiplayer Hello Neighbor spin-off, where a bunch of kids attempt to sneak into their neighbor’s basement, but one of the players is the Neighbor in disguise!

While Hello Neighbor was a purely single-player affair which saw you attempting to avoid an AI Neighbor as you snuck into his … Read More

NIX – Student Game

NIX is a third person Sci-Fi stealth adventure where you use your ability to flip between three different time periods to stop your planet from being invaded and turned into a high security prison.

Created by students of ISART Digital, NIX puts you in control of a time travelling alien whose planet has been colonized by invaders and your people have been locked up in … Read More

S-44: Episode 1 – Beta Download

S-44: Episode 1 is a narrative driven stealth puzzle platforming adventure where you control a mechanical spider that can climb on any surface, which goes in search of its friend who goes missing in the dangerous town of New Bot City.

Taking place in a futuristic world colonized by sentient robots, S-44 tells the story of a little spider-bot called S-44 who goes in search … Read More