Party Hard 2 – Christmas Alpha Download

The devs behind Party Hard 2 have released a special Christmas Alpha build that allows players to cause all kinds of death and destruction at a festive party!

As we mentioned during the sign up for the previous Alpha build, Party Hard 2 expands on the party pooping murder-em-up gameplay of the original – introducing 3D objects and real-time physics into the mix as … Read More

Obscurity – Student Project Game Download

Obscurity is a tense first person horror adventure that sees you exploring a mysterious underground cavern system that’s protected by a particularly nasty monster.

In Obscurity you control an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in a forest and then starts searching a nearby cave system. Why you’d voluntarily go from the green and sunny woodland to a dank, gloomy and dangerous cavern system isn’t explained … Read More

The Tower – Game Jam Build Download

The Tower is a stylish third person platformer with stealth elements that sees you avoiding ghosts and using your inner light to light up the darkness.

The Tower draws inspiration from the classic Stanley Kubrick quote “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light”. You’re a lone protagonist with a small flame burning inside you, but with a little work you’ll be able … Read More

Whiteside – Alpha Demo

Whiteside is a freaky first person psychological horror thriller set in a mental hospital that blends puzzle solving, stealth and randomised jump scares to really put players on edge.

Whiteside draws inspiration from Outlast, with you using a mixture of puzzle solving and stealth as you attempt to unravel the mystery of the creepy abandoned mental hospital you’re trapped in. The current build starts … Read More