The Equinox Hunt – Alpha Demo

The Equinox Hunt is a harcore stealth rogue-lite adventure where you are a victim who is being hunted by a cult who hunt people for fun.

A little like The Most Dangerous Game or the Jean-Claude Van Damme “classic” Hard Target, in The Equinox Hunt you are the prey that’s being hunted by a cult of crazed lunatics. It’s a true stealth game, so … Read More

Disjunction – Alpha Demo

Disjunction is a stylish pixel art cyberpunk stealth-action RPG adventure where three unique characters unravel a web of conspiracy that could change the fate of their city.

Set in New York in the year 2048, Disjunction follows Frank Munroe, Joe “Lockjaw” Murphy and Zhi Zhu – three uniquely skilled protagonists who start digging into the corruption that’s going on in the city for very different … Read More

Expedition – Prototype Download

Expedition is a very tense Lovecraft inspired first person horror game where you attempt to sneak past huge bald penguin monsters as you follow the trail of an expedition that ended in disaster.

Created by students at Technocité Mons in Belgium, Expedition is a very tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure that draws inspiration from At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. In … Read More

Cold Sun – Student Game Download

Cold Sun is a powerful little narrative driven third person stealth adventure where you and your little brother attempt to sneak into the last habitable oasis in a post apocalyptic world.

Created by students at UQAC, Cold Sun is a third person stealth adventure that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that’s running out of fresh water and is overflowing with garbage (just imagine the … Read More