Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening – Game Jam Build

Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening is a very silly little stealth farting game where you control a man with a fully functioning butt for a head, who is attempting to hand out fliers for the grand opening of his restaurant.

Mr. Buttman suffers from a very rare abnormality – he has a butt for a head. Despite his affliction he lives a fairly normal life and … Read More

E-Ro – Student Project Game

E-Ro is a 2.5D puzzle platformer that puts you in control of an agile little time travelling robot who uses stealth and traps to assassinate targets.

E-Ro feels a lot like a 2.5D Assassins Creed game, with you using stealth an poison to make your way through the game world. You control a little time-travelling robot, and after completing a short tutorial stage, you are … Read More

Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness – Student Project Game

Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness is a cyberpunk stealth action game where you use your ability to meld with the shadows to infiltrate a secure power plant run by a powerful megacorporation.

Oddly enough, in Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness you are a stealth expert who has been hired by a megacorporation to break into their own power plant and set it to … Read More

Off Grid – Kickstarter Demo

Off Grid takes you on an stealth hacking adventure that explores data privacy and mass surveillance, where data is your most powerful weapon you as you search for your missing daughter.

Your daughter was a hacker – and recently her group has been raided and she is nowhere to be found. Unsure of what most of this technology, you have embarked on an adventure to … Read More


SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED is a very silly first person spy simulator with visuals inspired by SUPERHOT, gameplay inspired by Hitman, Metal Gear Solid & Dishonored and ragdoll physics that seem to be inspired by an epileptic frog attached to an electric fence.

In SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED you step into the role of Agent 42 – an agent of a Mission Impossible style covert ops … Read More