The Chameleon – Alpha Demo

The Chameleon is a retro styled Sci-Fi stealth action game set in the 70’s where you use mysterious superpowers as you attempt to escape a top secret facility.

In The Chameleon you awaken in a strange underground facility wearing a Hawaiian shirt and surrounded by dead bodies. You have no idea who you are, but there’s an alarm going off and the facility is being … Read More

Necrofugitive – Alpha Demo

Necrofugitive is a very stylish fight-or-flight action game where you use stealth, deception and the ability to transform into a massive bloodthirsty demon as you attempt to escape from the bannermen and bounty hunters that pursue you.

In Necrofugitive you take on the role of the last surviving member of the Cult of Skoroz. The rest of your cult were slain by knights and you … Read More

Hamelin – Game Jam Build Download

Hamelin is a dark reinterpretation of the classic Pied Piper of Hamelin folk take, which follows a little rat as they set out to save the Pied Piper from being burned at the stake by the unscrupulous citizens of Hamelin.

Created for the HPS1 Halloween Jam 2020, Hamelin is a short PS1 styled folk horror game which delivers a dark twist on the classic tale … Read More