Dystopixelia – Beta Download

dystopixelia game

Dystopixelia is an atmospheric and humorous pixel art horror adventure set in an unsettling dystopian future, that sees you trying to survive a virus outbreak which you inadvertently caused.

You play employee ID 22 of LIFE inc., a simple cubicle worker, who one day is tasked with a job of upmost importance.  Unfortunately you fail at this and unleash an mutating virus on the population … Read More

Deadbolt – Alpha Build


Deadbolt is a superb 2D action shooter, created by the developers of Risk of Rain, that plays like a mix of Hotline Miami and Gunpoint, featuring fast paced, tactical combat, air vent sneaking, and OTT gore.

You play a modern day grim reaper, who has ditched the scythe in favour of some weaponry with a bit more ‘bang’.  You enter each level with … Read More

Sneaky Elvis – Game Jam Build Download

sneaky elvis

Sneaky Elvis is a rather silly musical stealth game, that see’s you playing a hip-swinging Elvis as he tries to escape the jailhouse without being heard – this is a little bit tricky though as Elvis just cant help singing and he can only move as he swings his hips to the music.

The guards in the jailhouse are pretty blind, so you don’t have … Read More

Mortimer – GameJam Build Download


Mortimer is a fun pixel art gm(48) jam game with an excellent soundtrack and a wicked sense of humor, that sees you playing a mortician who’s found a novel way to drum up business for his struggling funeral parlour – killing his fellow townsfolk then charging to hold their funerals.

Mortimer may look harmless, but he’s pretty deadly with a knife.  Your objective is to … Read More

Obey – Alpha Key Giveaway


Stepping over the charred corpse of one of my bunny comrades, I edge closer to my goal – the massive monkey-headed death machine in the centre of the map.

I’ve been a good bunny so far and obeyed all it’s requests – wearing my collar, picking up and dropping off supplies, and even ratting out a few of the other bunnies who were disobeying the … Read More