Sabotage – Game Jam Build

Starting with nothing, not even clothing, in Sabotage you are a badass naked Colonel who is single handedly looking to take out the entire enemy army by using your environment and stealing dropped weapons.

Created for Ludum Dare 45 game, in each level of Sabotage you have several rooms full of baddies, spikes which are against the wall, exploding barrels and more. It’s up to … Read More

Secret Neighbor – Open Beta

Secret Neighbor is now in Open Beta, with players able to download and partake in the asymmetric multiplayer Hello Neighbor spin-off, where a bunch of kids attempt to sneak into their neighbor’s basement, but one of the players is the Neighbor in disguise!

While Hello Neighbor was a purely single-player affair which saw you attempting to avoid an AI Neighbor as you snuck into his … Read More

NIX – Student Game

NIX is a third person Sci-Fi stealth adventure where you use your ability to flip between three different time periods to stop your planet from being invaded and turned into a high security prison.

Created by students of ISART Digital, NIX puts you in control of a time travelling alien whose planet has been colonized by invaders and your people have been locked up in … Read More