Heliophobia – Alpha Download

Heliophobia is a tense and terrifying first person psychological horror adventure with a very intriguing nonlinear narrative that feels like you’re jumping from nightmare to nightmare.

As we mentioned during the Alpha sign up, Heliophobia offers a sinister and surreal belnd of exploration, puzzle solving and stealth set in a dark city that’s home to some very freaky monsters. It draws inspiration from the … Read More

LORN – Alpha Demo

LORN is a tense and atmospheric first person survival horror adventure set in a medieval fantasy world that’s been engulfed in darkness by a tyrannical King.

In LORN, you play Voss, a once loyal servant of your King. The King was beloved, but now it seems his quest for immortality has led him to betray his people in the worst way imaginable. Taking his … Read More

Flynn: Son of Crimson – Alpha Demo

Flynn: Son of Crimson is a beautifully animated 2D metroidvania action platforming adventure with a focus on fast paced, satisfying combat as you explore a diverse game world and flip between dimensions as you attempt to discover your past and battle a corruption from taking over the island of Rosantica.

In Flynn: Son of Crimson you take on the role of Flynn, a young man … Read More

Stealth 2 – Beta Download

Stealth 2 is a fun little blood splattered stealth action game that sees you playing a sword wielding assassin who slices their way through levels filled with hostile guards.

Stealth 2 (the follow up to Stealth) is a simple but very satisfying take on the stealth action genre, featuring fast paced gameplay, single hit kills and plenty of blood splatter. Each level is essentially … Read More

Panoptic – Alpha Demo (HTC Vive & Oculus Rift)

Panoptic, a local asymmetric multiplayer game played between one VR headset wearer and a one playing on a regular screen, sees one player sneaking around a shadowy world, avoiding being caught by a giant all-seeing mask with a laser eye.

Panoptic consists of a dark world filled with citizens being watched by a giant mask called the Overseer. This Overseer has reigned over the … Read More