Wick – Student Game Download

Wick is a beautifully animated and very tense Little Nightmares-esque stealth horror platforming adventure where a cute little candle tries to light up a huge cathedral while being hunted by a demonic nun.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up, Wick is a stealth horror adventure created by a group of students at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. In the game … Read More

Hello Neighbor 2 – Alpha Download

Fans of the Hello Neighbor stealth horror series can now download and play the Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha, where you return to the old neighborhood and try to track down the Neighbor, while being hunted by a mysterious creature.

Hello Neighbor 2 follows on from the events of the first game and sees you trying to track down the Mr Peterson (the Neighbor) who has … Read More

Hiro’s Escape – Alpha Demo

Hiro’s Escape is a charming Game Boy styled stealth action puzzle game where you attempt to sneak past guards to find your family in 1467 Feudal Japan.

In Hiro’s Escape you control the titular character as he attempts to sneak his way through a series of vertically scrolling levels that are patrolled by samurai and archers. Most of the time you’re unarmed so you need … Read More

Tasty Ramen – Beta Download

Tasty Ramen is a hilarious PS1 styled horror game about a Japanese grocery store that’s haunted by a murderous bowl of ramen!

The original build of Tasty Ramen was created for the Scream Solstice game jam and a demo was released as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, and it was a lot of fun, but this latest build really knocks it out of … Read More