I’m Scree! – Game Jam Build Download

I'm Scree

I’m Scree!, a wicked little stealth game made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you directing your tentacles eliminate the humans who have captured you.

You are an alien life form how has been captured by the humans and put in a laboratory for experimenting. Unhappy with your fate, you must use your tentacles to wreak havoc on the humans that have captured you. … Read More

Hitman – Open Beta (PS4)

Hitman game beta

The new Hitman game is holding an Open Beta weekend on PS4 this weekend and is now available to PS Plus users to download and play!

The Beta features two training missions from episode 1. There may be a few issues with enemy AI, but on the whole it’s a great looking game, that promises to be a return to form for Agent 47, offering … Read More

Shadwen – Beta Demo (Steam)


Shadwen is a very cool stealth action game that plays like a mix between SUPERHOT and Thief, with you sneaking and assassinating your way through a world where time only moves when you do.

In development by the creators of Trine, Shadwen puts you in the shoes of an assassin on a quest to kill the king. While on this quest you encounter … Read More