Project CQB – Alpha Download

Project CQB

Project CQB (temporary title) is a cool slow motion semi-turn based tactics game that pits one squad against another in isometric battle zones where positioning and line of sight are critical.

The controls of Project CQB are pretty intuitive, simply trace the route you’d like your characters to go and use the small arrow in front of their marker to direct their aim.  The Alpha … Read More

Aerannis – Alpha Demo


Aerannis is a fun Megaman-esque action adventure with stealth elements that see’s you playing an assassin in a world populated only by women.

Having already completed a successful Kickstarter and Greenlit on Steam, Aerannis is off to a great start.  You play Ceydya, a Bulgarian-Turk trans-woman who has been cast aside from society, being seen as neither a ‘true Bulgarian’ or a ‘true woman’.  … Read More

Brighter Day – Alpha Demo

brighter day

Brighter Day is a surreal stealth adventure that sees you attempting to escape a mental institute while avoiding huge disembodied eyeballs.

You wake up in a brightly colored hospital room, with some odd posters on the walls and some pills in the bathroom.  These pills will come in handy as you can throw them to distract the giant floating eyeballs which roam the corridors (not … Read More

Yandere Simulator – Prototype Download


Yandere Simulator, Yandere meaning love-struck, is a stealth game about stalking a boy who you’re obsessed with, and will do ANYTHING to get his affection.

While trying to gain your crush’s love, you have to secretly eliminate any girl who seems interested in your beloved, through various means – which include manipulation, framing the innocent and murder.  All the while you have to maintain … Read More

Dystopixelia – Beta Download

dystopixelia game

Dystopixelia is an atmospheric and humorous pixel art horror adventure set in an unsettling dystopian future, that sees you trying to survive a virus outbreak which you inadvertently caused.

You play employee ID 22 of LIFE inc., a simple cubicle worker, who one day is tasked with a job of upmost importance.  Unfortunately you fail at this and unleash an mutating virus on the population … Read More