Cyber Heist – Prototype Download

Cyber Heist

Cyber Heist an innovative, award winning co-operative stealth/hacking game that allows a hacker and a thief to work together to erase all student debts from the corrupt United States Department of Education of 2114.

The asymetric gameplay of Cyber Heist superb, with both players having completely different experiences, but working together to achieve the same goals.  One player plays as a hacker, viewed from a … Read More

RATS – Prototype Download


RATS is a charming cartoon-styled stealth game where the goal is to use stealth and speed to break into bank vaults and escape the level before the timer runs out.

You play as a sneaky rat burgler, trying to avoid the prowling cat guards throughout the levels.  If one catches you it’s not game over, instead you’ll just lose some time on the level timer, … Read More



Of Guards And Thieves (spotted by burningyesterday) is a fun multi-player top-down stealth/action game with fast paced arcade gameplay, where you can either play as stealthy Thieves or powerful Guards.

Guards have to guard 6 objects scattered across the map, with only one being the real target for the thieves.  The guards don’t know which one the real target is though, so either have to … Read More



The Hunter is an excellent minimalistic 2D top down stealthy horror/action game which takes place in total darkness, with you only being able to identify your surroundings through the use of echolocation.

There’s a deeply foreboding atmosphere to The Hunter, as you’re instructed to hunt down and kill ‘him’, with no idea who or why.  You do get some limited weaponry, but your main weapon … Read More



Classroom Aquatic is a ridiculous game where you take on the roll of a foreign exchange student in a school of dolphins.

Unfortunately for you, your class is doing a test, which you’re you’ve got no chance of passing unaided as you don’t know any of the answers.  This means if you you’re going to pass the test you’re going to have to use stealth … Read More