Warpips – Beta Demo

Warpips is an addictive and fast paced single-player tug-of-war real-time strategy game where you command a small army and try to overwhelm your enemy.

Drawing inspiration from Command and Conquer and Clash Royale, in Warpips you manage your resources, your upgrades and your troops as you attempt to defeat rival armies in randomly generated battles. The core gameplay is similar to most tug-of-war real-time … Read More

Spooky Chase – Alpha Demo

Spooky Chase is a very tricky 2D platformer where the enemies are previous recordings of yourself!

In Spooky Chase you control a character who must collect a series of flags placed randomly around small levels. While this may seem easy (and it is initially), each time you collect a flag an enemy appears that takes the exact route you just did. This means that by … Read More