Darwin Project – Open Beta

Darwin Project is now in Open Beta, so players can join in its fresh take on the Battle Royale survival genre.

Darwin Project isn’t like most Battle Royale games, so much so that calling it a Battle Royale game may be doing it a disservice. Instead of PUBG’s frantic 100 player bloodbath, Darwin Project features 10 player matches that with bows and axes and … Read More

Hide and Go Boom – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Hide and Go Boom is essentially Bomberman in first person, allowing players to blow up crates, collect power-ups and blast opponents in fast paced multiplayer battles.

Hide and Go Boom allows players to enjoy the classic Bomberman gameplay from a whole new perspective as players attempt to blow up each other in first person arena battles. Aside from the switch to a first person viewpoint, … Read More