Hellbound: Survival Mode – Beta Download

Hellbound: Survival Mode is ridiculously intense survival shooter that sees you blasting demonic hordes with big, beefy weapons for as long as possible until your inevitable demise.

Hellbound: Survival Mode is a spinoff of Hellbound, which we covered the closed Beta sign up for last year and which has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. While the full Hellbound game will feature a full single … Read More

Dolmen – Kickstarter Demo

Dolmen is a very impressive third person cosmic horror Sci-Fi action RPG that plays like a fusion of Dark Souls and Dead Space as you unravel a Lovecraftian plot and discover the darkest secret in the universe.

In Dolmen you learn the language of the universe and uncover a dark Sci-Fi narrative as you explore an ancient forgotten alien planet called Revlon Prime. It’s a … Read More