My Mom is a Witch – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)


My Mom is a Witch is fun Castle Crashers-inspired procedurally generated action adventure for one to four players, with vibrant visuals, quirky characters, lots of loot and huge bosses to battle.

My Mom is a Witch is designed form the ground up to offer fun multiplayer action with plenty of replayability. It features 7 unique character classes, over 40 different enemies, 20 unique pets, … Read More

Stifled – Beta Demo (Steam)


Stifled is a very tense first person horror adventure set in a pitch black game world where you ‘see’ with sound and thanks to the clever use of microphones, the monsters can literally hear your fear.

Stifled is a spiritual successor to Lurking, a tense horror adventure created by DigiPen Institute of Technology students in which you used sound waves to ‘see’ your way … Read More

Beholder – Beta Demo (Steam)


Beholder is a very cool blend of building management sim, stealth, spying and Papers, Please-esque moral dilemmas, with you playing a building landlord who must report any tenants who break the totalitarian governments strictly enforced rules.

We’ve featured Beholder a couple of times on Alpha Beta Gamer, and have been very impressed with the games high quality animation, fun spying mechanics and the tough … Read More