Fearful Symmetry – Alpha Demo

Fearful Symetry

Fearful Symmetry, a game being created by BrokenCog, is a delightfully hard pixelated puzzle game in which you control two different characters simultaneously while trying to reach the exit of each level.

You play as two different characters, who are bound together but live in alternate realms, moving in reflected motions. The left character follows your key inputs accordingly but your right character moves … Read More

Dinocide – Beta Demo

dinocide game

Dinocide is a side-scrolling platforming adventure game that pays homage to the NES classics Adventure Island I and II, complete with a caveman protagonist, ridable dinosaurs, and magic health-healing fruit.

Dinocide doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with its gameplay, instead focusing on building a fun, retro gaming experience. If you’re looking for an old-school 2D action platformer with collectables galore, you’ll feel right … Read More

Dark Night: The Horror Game – Alpha Demo

Dark Night

Dark Night: The Horror Game, a game being created by NightHood Games, is a simplistic looking, but extremely creepy and jump scare filled survival horror game that will make your skin crawl and hands shake with fear.

You wake up at 1am, woken by strange sounds and stirring shadows. You light a candle to help see into the dark, that feels as though it’s … Read More