SOS – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

SOS is very impressive new twist on the Battle Royale multiplayer survival shooter in which your personality is your biggest asset as you attempt to forge alliances and outwit opponents to snag one of the only 3 chopper seats off a monster-filled island.

Currently in development by the a team founded by the lead developers of Dead Space 1 and 2, SOS sees you … Read More

Decksplash – Open Beta

Decksplash plays like a blend of Splatoon and Tony Hawk’s, with teams of three facing off against each other as they pull of tricks on their skateboards and attempt to control the largest share of the arena for as long as possible.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Decksplash is a fast paced and fun blend of skateboarding and multiplayer … Read More

TENET – Beta Download

TENET is an incredibly intense, gore-filled third person shooter that sees you attempting to blast your way through waves of demonic monstrosities with a heavily armed mech!

The core gameplay of TENET is simple but action packed, with you taking control of a mech that’s trapped within a shadowy arena in a nightmarish underworld and attempting to blast your way through as many demons as … Read More