System Shock – Pre-Alpha Demo (Steam)

System Shock download

System Shock is a full remake of the 1994 original genre defining classic which introduced a new way of story telling to the FPS genre, creating a first person action role-playing game that had a lasting effect on the industry and paved the way for the Bioshock series.

In System Shock you’re a hacker trapped aboard Citadel Station – a space station that has been … Read More

RoShamBo Arena – Beta Download (Steam)

RoShamBo arena download

RoShamBo Arena is a fun game that adds XP, levelling, potions, special abilities, boss fights, loot and equipment to the age old game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Playable in a single player campaign or online multiplayer, RoShamBo Arena adds a vast amount to depth to the traditional RPS formula. The core gameplay remains the same, with you attempting to defeat your opponent by choosing between rock, … Read More

Eliosi’s Hunt – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Eliosis Hunt

Eliosi’s Hunt is a slick top down sci-fi shooter/action platformer in which you explore a vibrant alien world, filled with mutant creatures, deadly alien tribes and killer robots.

In Eliosi’s Hunt you control Eliosi, a novice bounty hunter who’s finding his first contract a little more challenging than expected. There are a wide variety of deadly enemies to contend with, as well as deadly hazards … Read More