Witch Hunt – Alpha Demo (Steam)


Witch Hunt is a fun spooky online multiplayer game of hide-and-seek that draws inspiration from Prop Hunt, as a team of Hunters attempt to catch a team of shapeshifting Witches.

After picking teams in Witch Hunt, the witches are given a small period of time to find a good hiding place on the map and select an object to transform into.  The Hunters … Read More

Art of War: Red Tides – Open Beta (Steam)


Art of War: Red Tides is a very addictive tug-of-war style RTS inspired by the popular Desert Strike map in Starcraft 2, in which players send big waves of units across the battlefield in easily accessible, but deeply strategic battles where the tide can change in an instant.

Art of War: Red Tides can be played in single player vs AI, or in ranked … Read More