Death Toll – Beta Sign Up

Death Toll is great looking new first person shooter that fuses Battle Royale and Capture the Flag gameplay elements in a large open world littered with a wide variety of military vehicles – including tanks, fighter jets and attack choppers!

Death Toll is a Battle Royale-esque multiplayer survival shooter where the objective isn’t to survive the island, it’s to escape it by collecting four special … Read More

Prodigy – Alpha Demo

Prodigy is a snazzy looking Unreal Engine 4 powered turn based tactical combat game that sees you commanding teams of legendary creatures to victory in grid based arena warfare.

Set in the fantasy world of Thasys, in Prodigy you are one of the chosen ones, a ‘Prodigy’ capable of awakening ancient creatures who lie in slumber and commanding them in battle. Battles take place on … Read More

Wormhole Wars – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Wormhole Wars is an incredible new Unreal Engine 4 powered multiplayer FPS that infuses Portal-style space-bending with fast paced arena shooter combat.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up, Wormhole Wars introduces wrist mounted portal guns into its adrenaline-fuelled first person arena combat. It features fast paced run and gun action with a selection of high powered weaponry that players can … Read More

Aftercharge – Open Alpha

Aftercharge is a fun 3v3 asymmetric multiplayer arena game that features competitive first person combat between invincible security guards and invisible robots.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up, Aftercharge offers fast paced asymmetric combat between one team of robots who are attempting to destroy six Extractors and one team of guards who are attempting to protect them. The robots are fast, … Read More

ZEscape – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

ZEscape is an impressive new asymmetric first person shooter with fast paced run and gun gameplay, big guns and buckets of blood that sees humans facing off against hordes of player controlled undead monsters and giant Ai controlled bosses.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up back in May, ZEscape offers some good old fashioned zombie blasting fun set across undead infested levels. … Read More