Zone Of Lacryma – Prototype Build

Zone of Lacryma

Zone Of Lacryma, a game being created by fremachuca, is a pixel styled shoot-em-up that sees you navigating the cosmos, destroying asteroids and enemy ships, and getting powering up your ship as you go.

The game offers and overall linear flight system, only being able to go forward with boundaries or walls blocking you from the edge of the map, but allowing you to … Read More

SNOW – Open Beta (Steam)


SNOW os a great looking new open world winter sports game in which you can ski, snowboard and snowmobile your way down a massive mountain, competing in events and riding with friends.

We first covered SNOW a last year when it was in Closed Beta, and and a lot of improvements have been implemented since then.  You can customize your character with a varied selection … Read More

Star Crusade CCG – Open Beta (Steam)

Star Crusade

Star Crusade CCG, a game being created by Xim Inc., is an Early Access digital collectible card game (or CCG) that aims to take Sci-Fi CCG genre to the next level.

The game handles much like hearthstone, but set in the darkest reaches of space. A star gate has opened and a new threat approaches your homeland. With your tactical knowledge of modern warfare … Read More

Blast Brawl 2 – Alpha Demo

Blast-Brawl-2 game

Blast Brawl 2, created by Mindseye Games, is a fun, fast paced local co-op (and single player) action brawler that shuns long-winded button mashing, over bearing combos and super moves in favor of  high stakes one-hit-kills and lots and lots of blood (particles).

This current Alpha demo gives you access to three different classes, all of which have varying styles of combat skills. The … Read More