Severed Steel – Beta Demo

Severed Steel is an incredibly intense run ‘n gun FPS where you get in brutal slow-mo gunfights, blow holes in walls and use stunts to avoid gunfire.

In Severed Steel you take control of a badass one-armed protagonist who uses bullet-time and stunts to dodge bullets and take out an army of bad guys in fully destructible environments. The gameplay is fast and incredibly brutal, … Read More

Pocket Bravery – Beta Demo

Pocket Bravery is a beautifully animated SD styled 2D fighting game that draws inspiration from the 90’s Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters games.

Currently in development by Statera Studio, Pocket Bravery blends classic 90’s fighting game gameplay with a vibrant Neo Geo Pocket Color inspired SD aesthetic. It plays quite similarly to Street Fighter 2 and the SNK fighting games, but … Read More

Until We Die – Beta Demo

Until We Die is a Kingdom-esque side-scrolling survival strategy game where you attempt to build and defend a base in the subways of a mutant infested city.

Playing similarly to Kingdom, but in a Metro-esque post-apocalyptic setting, Until We Die sees you managing a team as they try to survive in a subway system that’s overrun with mutants. You start the game … Read More