Towertale – Beta Demo

Towertale is a narrative driven boss rush action adventure where four different characters attempt to fight their way to the top of a legendary tower to earn the ability to change their fates.

In Towertale you can choose from one of four playable characters and follow their unique story as they fight their way to the top of an ancient mythical tower. It’s said that … Read More

BulletRage – Alpha Demo

BulletRage is an adrenaline-fuelled twin-stick run n’ gun arcade shooter where you dash, smash and blast your way through swarms of enemies in a futuristic Smash TV-esque game show.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, BulletRage is a wonderfully OTT twin-stick shooter with co-op play for up to 4 players, huge bosses and lots of ridiculously overpowered … Read More