Blazing Core – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Blazing Core is a tactical third person mech combat game that pits heavily armored mech knights against each other in 3v3 team based battles.

In Blazing Core players can take control of a variety of diverse mechs and face off in 3v3 battles. There are currently six different mechs on offer, each of which has its own stats and unique special abilities, ranging from the … Read More

World Warfare – Beta Download

World Warfare is a slow paced, but very addictive massively multiplayer WWII RTS that sees hundreds of players facing off in huge battles that take place over seven day periods.

World Warfare is technically a RTS, but the glacially slow speed everything moves at makes it more akin to a turn based strategy game. Troops slowly crawl across the screen and simple tasks such as … Read More

Broken Ground – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Broken Ground is a fun new Worms-esque multiplayer artillery warfare game with lots of high powered weaponry and destructible terrain.

Drawing inspiration from Worms and Tank Wars, Broken Ground sees heavily armed soldiers doing battle on destructible arenas in turn based artillery combat. You start each match with a random loadout of weapons and equipment, and must use them to dispatch your enemy … Read More