Death’s Life – Alpha Demo

Deaths Life

Death’s Life, a game being created by Umbu Games, is an evil point and click puzzle game that sees you playing as Death’s latest recruit and setting out devious Final Destination-esque chains of events that result in the ‘accidental’ demise of your mark.

Your goal in Death’s Life is to set up a death trap for the unsuspecting person on your death list. … Read More

Overload – Pre-Alpha Download (Steam)

Overload game

Overload is a superb looking new first person 6-Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) shooter from the creators of Descent, in which you swoop around levels blasting deadly robots, rescuing hostages and blowing up a reactors.

Overload takes the classic 6DOF gameplay of Descent and updates it for the modern era, creating an action packed shooter, with agile aircraft and plenty of spectacle.  Being from the developers who … Read More

March of War: Face-off XL – Beta Download (Steam)

March Of War

March of War: Face-off XL (Or MoWFOXL), a game created by ISOTX, is a fun blend of Turn Based Strategy and CCG, set in a cool steampunk universe where the impossible is possible.

MoWFOXL shares some similarities with Trading card games, such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but also mixes things up by adding a terrain map/board that has your units moving across … Read More