Cold Vengeance – Alpha Demo

Clod Vengeance

Cold Vengeance, a game being created by Malec2b, is an addictive third person run and gun action game that sees you fighting back against a totalitarian government that took over Canada.

You play as Sgt. Jon Dagger, who has been charged with saving the president from the clutches of the new Canadian government. With only his trusted gun, fully upgradable I might add, by … Read More

Axel The Penguin – Alpha Demo

Axel the penguin game

Axel The Penguin, a game being created by Celesoft, is a massive nostalgic trip back to a time when blue hedgehogs ran at super sonic speeds, and Cats loved collecting their yarn and defeating strange bunny like creatures.

You play as Axel the Penguin, on a journey of epic proportions. You music traverse strange new worlds and defeat enemies and there leaders in … Read More

Metal War Online: Retribution – Open Beta (Steam)

Metal War Online

Metal War Online: retribution, a game being created by GDT Limited on Steam Early Access, is an extremely fun car/tank arena combat game that pits you with a team of other drivers against an opposing team who are out to slaughter you.

It’s a PvP style arena combat game but instead of people or monsters tearing each other apart, you drive around in armoured … Read More