Ode to a Moon – Beta Demo

Ode to a Moon is a deeply atmospheric VHS-styled cosmic horror thriller where a town descends into madness following a fall festival during a centennial lunar eclipse.

In Ode to a Moon you take on the role of a photo-journalist in the 1980’s who is covering a historic fall festival in a rural town. However, the festival coincides with a lunar eclipse, which warps the … Read More

S-44: Episode 1 – Beta Download

S-44: Episode 1 is a narrative driven stealth puzzle platforming adventure where you control a mechanical spider that can climb on any surface, which goes in search of its friend who goes missing in the dangerous town of New Bot City.

Taking place in a futuristic world colonized by sentient robots, S-44 tells the story of a little spider-bot called S-44 who goes in search … Read More

BLAST-AXIS – Beta Demo

BLAST-AXIS is a Sci-Fi six degrees of freedom third person shooter where you navigate a damaged facility on a distant moon and attempt to save it from extra-dimensional invaders.

The 6DoF movement of BLAST-AXIS is similar to the classic Descent and Forsaken games, but with the game played from a third person perspective rather than first person. It sees you controlling a defunct wrecking drone … Read More