Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS – Beta Demo

Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS is a very fast paced roguelite adventure where you fight your way through a dungeon that’s alive and gets mad at you for killing all of it’s friends.

In Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS you control a cute little fox called Wally who finds himself trapped inside a sentient dungeon that’s controlled by a spirit called Don Jon. The spirit … Read More

Hoverloop – Open Beta

Hoverloop is a fast paced multiplayer arena shooter where players pilot heavily armed and highly agile hover drones in gladiatorial battles for the entertainment of the masses.

Taking place in the year 2077, Hoverloop is essentially a super high tech version of Robot Wars, which sees customizable battle drones attempting to blow each other up in competitive multiplayer matches. It’s playable with four players … Read More