Goodbye World – Beta Demo

Goodbye World is a narrative driven adventure where you play a retro puzzle platforming game on a Gameboy and learn the story of two indie game developers who are struggling to find inspiration and success.

In Goodbye World you follow the story of Kanii and Kumade, two indie developers who met in college and decided to make games together. They have made several games already, … Read More

Agent 64: Spies Never Die – Beta Demo

Agent 64: Spies Never Die is a near-perfect homage to the classic N64 Goldeneye game, which sees you completing top-secret missions against “state-of-the-art” 1997 enemy AI.

If you’ve ever harkened back to those glory days of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, Agent 64: Spies Never Die is the FPS for you. It’s basically the same game, but with slightly better graphics and an updated control … Read More

The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo – Alpha Demo

The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo is a beautifully animated and surrealist click graphic adventure where an odd little man finds himself trapped in a nonsensical land.

In The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo the titular Mr. Coo has lost his pieces in a surreal world that seems to represent real issues that are affecting Mr. Coo’s life. You now need to make your way … Read More

Deadlink – Alpha Demo

Deadlink is a roguelite cyberpunk FPS with a focus on speed and agility as you bring the fight to shady corporations who run the world.

In Deadlink you work for an organisation that’s attempting to thwart the schemes and shady deals of powerful corporations in a cyberpunk world. It’s a dangerous job as the streets are overrun with thugs and corporate security, but thankfully you … Read More

Dead Horizon – Beta Demo

Dead Horizon is a Wild West fusion of shooting gallery and point and click adventuring which follows a reformed gunslinger who tries to find redemption at the end of a gun.

Dead Horizon is sequel/expansion of a previous game called Dead Horizon that was released in 2017. While the original was a narrative-driven shooting gallery style game, this new game dramatically expands on the concept … Read More