Liberated – Beta Demo

Liberated is a very stylish noir cyberpunk stealth action adventure that takes place in a near-future dystopia and is played out via pages of a series of comic books.

Currently in development by Atomic Wolf (creators of Mad Age & This Guy), Liberated brings the pages of its comic books alive as you take on the role of different characters and witness both sides … Read More

Divisadero – Tech Demo

Divisadero is a mature narrative-driven true crime adventure that follows a disgraced police detective and his partner as they unravel a horrifying crime in the dystopian streets of San Francisco.

Currently in development by Team2bit (creators of Fist Puncher and Regan Gorbachev), Divisadero is a visually striking pixel art adventure with a dark and mature True Detective (first season) style true crime narrative. In … Read More

Raji: An Ancient Epic – Beta Demo

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a beautifully crafted action adventure game that draws inspiration from Indian mythology as a young girl is drawn into a war between gods and demons.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the 2017 kickstarter campaign, Raji: An Ancient Epic follows the adventure of a young girl called Raji, who is chosen by the gods to save humanity from … Read More

Everhood – Beta Demo

Everhood is a wonderfully weird and trippy musical RPG adventure where you have rhythmic dance battles with strange monsters and search for your missing arm.

You never know what to expect in Everhood, one minute you’re trying to get into a nightclub and the next you’re having a dance battle with an ATM machine. The story follows a wooden doll who has had its … Read More

Recompile – Prototype Download

Recompile is a visually stunning third person open world action platformer metroidvania where you take control of a semi-sapient program attempting to escape deletion.

Drawing inspiration from Axiom Verge, Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in Recompile you explore, fight and hack your way through a beautiful and deadly cyberworld called The Mainframe. You are a semi-sentient … Read More