Distrust – Beta Demo (Steam)

Distrust Game Download

Distrust is a tense isometric Arctic survival horror game inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing in which you help a band of explorers stave off fatigue and sleep as they’re stalked by a terrifying force that sucks the life from their bodies.

In Distrust you control a group of survivors who crash land near a remote Arctic base. This base is randomly generated for each … Read More

SteamVR Home – Open Beta (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

Steam VR Home Beta

SteamVR Home is a new Oculus Home-style virtual hub world that you launch games from, but adds the ability to fully customise the environment and socialise with friends.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are pretty much neck and neck as far as hardware goes, but one area that the Oculus has trumped the Vive so far is Oculus Home, which offers a stylish … Read More

Raiders of the Broken Planet – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Raiders of the Broken Planet Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2000 more Steam Beta Keys to giveaway for Raiders of the Broken Planet – the awesome new single player and asymmetric multiplayer action adventure game from MercurySteam that combines cover shooting, stealth and bone crunching melee combat as factions fight over control of a fractured planet.

As we mentioned during the last giveaway, Raiders of the Broken Planet is a third person … Read More