Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) – Beta Download

Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator TABZ game download

Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) is a super silly Totally Accurate Battle Simulator spin-off from Landfall Games which transfers the chaotic physics and charming low poly character design of TABS to the multiplayer zombie survival genre with some great results!

Much Like the fabulous SUPERTRUCK spin-off of CLUSTERTRUCK that was announced last April Fools Day, Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (TABZ) is an April Fools prank … Read More

Warfare Online – Open Beta (Steam)

Warfare Online Open Beta

Warfare Online is a very addictive tug-of-war style real time strategy game from Con Artist Games, the creators of Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944 that allows players to go head to head in trench based warfare with players from around the world.

We first featured Warfare Online during the Beta sign up stage back in November last year and were really looking forward to seeing … Read More