Startup Panic – Beta Demo

Startup Panic is an easily accessible but surprisingly deep business simulation game that plays like a more complex version of Game Dev Story as you build your one man software company into a Facebook-esque social media empire.

In Startup Panic you are a software designer who has decided to go it alone and start up their own software company. You start the game with you … Read More

The Con Simulator – Alpha Download

The Con Simulator features an interesting combination of card-based tabletop strategy and business simulation as you attempt to build your own Anime convention empire.

In The Con Simulator you aim is to organise popular and profitable Anime conventions, complete with booths, stages, catering and utilities. You purchase venues then fill them with your attraction and hire staff such as guards, cleaners and cosplayers – being … Read More

Cendres – Student Project Game

Cendres is a stylish survival adventure that sees you making tough moral decisions as you attempt to help four wanderers survive in post-apocalyptic world that’s been ravaged by a volcanic disaster.

The bleak post-apocalyptic world of Cendres is a tough place to survive, with grey volcanic ash coating the ground and resources in short supply. You take control of a band of travellers who were … Read More